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Kagro in the Morning - January 29, 2016

David Waldman survives the week holed up with the kids. Next week, like last week, will be a 4 day school week, allowing the Xbox some time to cool off.

Greg Dworkin watched some of the Republican debate, as well as the Donald Trump salutes Trump special. The verdict: Trump won them both. At the debate Ben Carson closed big and ominously with a reading of the Constitution. Was this his dog whistle for the 3%-ers? or the Article III-ers? David and Greg look into where these two fringe groups meet, including the legal, historical, and cultural roots of these loonies

In related news, Donald Trump gets trolled by the huger billionaire. Back in the real world, Governor Snyder’s standing weakens in the midst of the Flint water crisis, although he would need to be weakened much more to have his position really threatened.

Then “weather-related issues” took KITM off the air — thanks Obama. You can hear the rest of David’s analysis of the 3%er culture on the podcast here!

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Kagro in the Morning - January 28, 2016

Almost to the end of school snow cancellation week, David Waldman gets to talk to adults for two hours straight!

Greg Dworkin is counting the days until the Iowa Caucus, when he can switch gears from punditry to analysis. Bernie Sanders is great at bringing a revolution, but how will he get things done? Nancy Pelosi distances the Democrats from Sanders’ talk of taxes. David and Greg talk about running for office vs. holding an office, and being an absolutist vs. an incrementalist.

Half in US say they are better off than 8 years ago, including Republicans that were 10 years old, eight years ago. GOP voters want someone with testicular fortitude, and think Trump can come up to that standard

Greg highly recommends that you watch the Flint Michigan town hall, hosted by MSNBC yesterday. It is just as riveting watching it as recorded as it was watching it live!

David reviews the story of reporter Jane Mayer, when she wrote about the Koch Brothers. Joan McCarter is preparing a review of the book covering this, “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right”.

A member of armed society reacts with deadly impoliteness to woman rejecting his advances outside a bar.

The Texas law requiring retailers to check gun permits is confusing some of the Texas public.  

The idea to teach gun safety has some worried about anti-gun propaganda, others are worried about handing over taxpayer money to the NRA.

Trey Radel will tell his life story and give a behind-the-scenes look at his time using cocaine, and being a congressman, to make some money now.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 27, 2016

David Waldman has dug his way out of the snow and brings us another KITM:

David, Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter bring us the latest Bundypalooza news. There will be news updates and analysis throughout the day from many sources, but here is where you can get the KITM take on events.

Greg Dworkin cogently describes the incoherence of the Republicans in the last few days before the Iowa Caucus, after which he will finally a chance to analyze incoming results. Hillary Clinton’s lead shrinks, but she is still smooth sailing.  For all of its importance and attention, hardly anybody will be voting in the IA Caucus. Conservatives make a last minute decision of whether to back Trump or the Republican. Is Trump more malleable, can Cruz really mean what he says? Has the conservative crackup finally arrived? Republicans wonder why they didn’t stop Trump earlier. How much power will whoever is elected really wield

Joan McCarter reports from the front on the war between Trump and Fox. Trump issues his declaration of independence. Here is the story of a reporter caught in the tentacles of the Kochtopus. Utah goes to Idaho to talk about freedom. 

Babysitters shoot a toddler and get probation, $200 fine.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 26, 2016


Even with snow piled high, school cancelled for days, and the food running out, David Waldman is ready for today’’s KITM show. He has even had plenty of time to work on his 4000 word essay “All Work and No Play Makes Dave a Dull Boy.”

Greg Dworkin stayed warm watching the Democratic Town Hall Forum last night. Hillary Clinton talked about the experience she’s bringing to the table. Bernie Sanders talked about the new ideas that he brings. Friends and Aids of President Obama begin to form behind Hillary Clinton. Traditionally, the winner of the nomination steals the best ideas of the vanquished, which Greg assures us is a feature, not a bug.

Going into Iowa and New Hampshire, the Republicans now lead with their most unpalatable players.  Will voters judge on substance, style, who will win, or just who has the best chance of making team D lose?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence decided not to run for president right after he made the decision to lose at least $60B for the state cracking down on the LGBTQ, and John Kasich may soon regret using cronyism and graft to raise Ohio’s wealth. Even so, Kasich just got an endorsement from the Boston Globe, who previously boosted John Huntsman to untold heights.

Armando calls in for his review of the Democratic Town Hall Forum, and continued his analysis, and criticism of Bernie Sanders’ stand on gun industry immunity

News of the Renton Theater shooter somehow feeds the concept that people would gain safety from wearing a gun.

Militiaman adds gravitas to the Oregon debate by challenging Chris Christie to a Sumo Wrestling match deciding the fate of the constitution.

Anti-abortion activists are indicted for Planned Parenthood sting. Karma supporters rejoice.

Little kids breathing out of respirators sounds bad, but it's a small price for libertyFlint children never had a fair shot, even before lead poisoning. The rich have enough to worry about with all of the noise, noise, noise.

Donald Trump admires people who may be more stupid, crazy, and bigoted than he is, as proven by science.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 25, 2016

Good Day! How’s it going? The great snowy south doesn’t hamper David Waldman, at least in putting together today’s KITM.

The guy who hoped to be a hero when ISIS stormed the Regal in Renton, Washington, then accidentally shot someone, follows by lying to authorities, although he might be remembering through the haze of war, Xanax, and beer.

Greg Dworkin asks: Do you know the 1 weird trait that predicts if you are a Trump supporter? (Hint: Greg told you the secret 6 years ago.) Is Trump just like Obama, in that he is the opposite? Is Iowa the first and worst step of the democratic process?

The election markets say that Trump is doing pretty good, actually is pretty unstoppable, as the rest of the Gop pack hope to tie for second.

Going into IA and NH, Hillary Clinton just has to stay cool; coming out of IA and NH, Bernie Sanders has to hope for miracles. Here is what Barack Obama thinks about Iowa, 2016, and the choice between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Ted Cruz last week said he didn’t have health insurance, blamed Obamacare, now he says he does have health insurance. Thanks, Obama.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder lied: Flint water switch was not about saving money after all, as a civil deposition reveals more information.

Impolite society has pushing and shoving, armed society kicks that up a couple notches in a feud over a $25 service fee.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 22, 2016

If you like the show, go to recurrency.us to help fund David Waldman, KITM and his talented, hard working staff!

The snow or something knocked the Greg Dworkin segment of KITM off the air but you can still catch it right here—FiveThirtyEight is tracking the tight race of Clinton vs. Sanders going into Iowa, and the less tight race in New Hampshire. Check out the difference between their “Polls-plus” and “Polls-only” forecasts. As the bets are placed on Trump, the establishment’s hair combusts, but they can’t decide whether to freak out about Trump or Cruz. It’s definitely no way for Carson, and they aren’t too hot on Rubio either

The buck keeps stopping with MI Governor Rick Snyder, as water problems grow and the damage could last for generations. Snyder figures it’s probably the voter’s fault.

Armando visits to discuss the role of outsiders and activists in politics and the limits of ideology and good intentions in governing, and gun manufacturer immunity, and William Jennings Bryan, and much more.

Ted Cruz puts his family’s health in jeopardy by revealing he doesn’t have health insurance, although actually he does.

A guy going to the Benghazi movie oh so much wanted to be a good guy with a gun...

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Kagro in the Morning - January 21, 2016

As a blizzard blows in, David Waldman warns us to stock up now, before the hoarders nab up all of the Axe body spray:

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls, and questions. How will Iowa caucus results influence the vote in New Hampshire? How will undecideds be influenced, and how will they move the vote? Here is how it went in NH in 2012.

The betting bet on Trump. The establishment hates Trump, but they fear Cruz. What kind of man would spends millions to elect Ted Cruz?

Sarah Palin takes over the Republican party. She might have endorsed Trump, but who knows what she was saying? Donald Trump did get the big endorsement though.

Bernie Sanders health plan sounds great, but how’s he going to do it?

The gun control bill that almost beat Chris Christie’s veto might be coming back.

Flint, Michigan is a minority community, it’s a poor community, is that the reason it was poisoned?  ‚ÄčAuthor Vann R. Newark II visits KITM to talk about his article, An ugly truth behind black gold: How racial injustices are behind California's fight against Big Oil. He and David discuss how to help the environment by helping those in most need, and the possibility of building a coalition to empower those people fighting on the front lines.

Read this week’s funniest tweets, and vote for the best one (KagroX, natch)!

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Kagro in the Morning - January 20, 2016

January’s almost over! Get your year off to a good start by supporting David Waldman and KITM at recurrency.us

Where were you when Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump? Relive the birth of Idiocracy by reading Palin’s endorsement before it’s etched on commemorative china. Who knows, she might get something out of this. Back in Wasilla, Track Palin maintained the family legacy

ISIS forced to halve salaries, might have to start layoffs, thanks Obama.

Eventually there will be more plastic than fish in the sea

Virginia Republican Del. Mark Cole is sticking to his “common sense” legislation requiring genital verification of youngsters, so far is not indicted. Teen lobbyists are quizzed about their virginity by Washington Rep. Mary Dye, who decided at least one kid did not pass the test. 

Joan McCarter calls in to report that Republicans are losing their camaraderie over how, or whether to replace Obamacare, and to reform filibuster rules. Mitch McConnell wants to ban Syrian widows and orphans to protect them from US bigots, but Democrats keep fear-mongering by quoting Republicans.

Chris Christie fights for the freedom of kids to eat just like him.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 19, 2016

Cold outside?  Snow day for the kids? Gather the family ‘round your streaming device and cozy up to David Waldman and KITM:

Greg Dworkin declares at least two winners in the latest Democratic debate: Bernie wins the heart, Hillary the head. Democracy wins in this substantive debate, but can Bernie Sanders be both a presidential and a revolutionist candidate? Some Republican operatives feel the Bern. Republicans blame Obama for you not liking them. Cruz and Trump yearn for that coveted Palin bump

The culprits in Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s Katrina are being revealed, a memo confirming the US EPA notified Michigan of problems as early as June. Latest updates can be found at flintwaterstudy.org. Ron Fournier was bamboozled by the Snyder administration in December, but at least he figured it out, it just took Snyder’s catastrophic lack of leadership to convince him. Marco Rubio didn’t hear about it, and doesn’t really care.

Armando takes the KITM helm, while David fixes his snow-delayed kids situation. Armando commends Sanders move of the Overton Window, and his sharpening of the debate, but wonders if this can be translated into a presidency. Armando, David and Greg discuss the ACA versus Single Payer, and how tough it would be to introduce such an overhaul of insurer relationships and more progressive tax rates against vested interests and the present dysfunctional government.

An Oregon militant sounds the alarm when the government comes for his government subsidized money.

Donald Trump fights the siege against Christianity and pinpoints the classiest Bible verse.

Scholastic Books sugarcoats the history of two of George Washington’s slaves, then pulls the book after a letter writing and Daily Kos campaign brought attention.

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Kagro in the Morning - January 18, 2016

David Waldman is not “in” today, as he is “out” taking full advantage of the 3 day weekend—but he didn’t forget you! Here is an all-new, pre-recorded KITM, with KITM back tomorrow, LIVE:

A Rhode Island city official is caught using a guy dressed as an old lady to convey a positive image for a snow shoveling program. A Republican senator tries to convey a positive image for himself, using special effects to make it seem like he was driving a car

Indiana gun hobbyists decide that a library is a proper venue for a meeting, and inevitably blow a hole in the wall. The library and local media jump through all possible hoops to stay in passive voice, and not offend any gun fanciers. Virginia’s hypocritical legislators don’t want to enforce their own gun laws.

Darnell Earley, the “Emergency Manager” when the Flint River began to be fed to residents, now has a new job, as the Emergency Manager for Detroit Public Schools. He is ready to make “tough and necessary cuts”. 

As work becomes Uberized, creating shareholder value and creating good jobs becomes incompatible. David looks into the difference between job creators and household creators.

There is an alternative legal system, employed by crackpots, that should keep trouble brewing in Oregon for a while. What if wildlife refuge occupiers were black? They were.

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