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David Waldman wonders if anyone in class can guess the subject of today’s KITM... Anyone? It is Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Donald Trump did not have a problem firing the last straight arrow closing in on him, FBI Director… Anyone? James Comey. David gives an comprehensive analysis of the procedural tactics the White House might use to fire Mueller, which is pronounced… Anyone?... Mueller?... Mueller?... Mueller?—as well as the countermeasures that will be used against those tactics.

One tactic will be the bald-faced lie. Picking ethics over partisanship might have been easier during the Nixon era. Now obstruction of justice goes into your LinkedIn profile.

Is this the end of our government? Russia kind of hopes so, although they were aiming at President Hillary’s government. They are working hard to get it right the next time, one way or the other.

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Is David Waldman’s refrigerator fixed? Who knows? He teased us the entire show, but it all ended on a cliffhanger. Come back tomorrow for an answer!

Greg Dworkin lets us know that some people are just morons and there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe they just want to piss us off. Whatever. Many of those people will never change. The good news is there aren’t a lot of them, and some of them might even tip someday—at least enough to tip elections. Donald Trump has been inspirational to our side, which a lot of Democrats, and Republicans knew was going to be the case. But, is Donald the problem, or a symptom of a broken Republican Party? Well, we all have him now, for a while.

Americans trust James Comey Over Trump, natch. Comey did nothing wrong as a former official and everything right as a whistleblower

Barron couldn’t find his “I’m with stupid” shirt for moving day to the White House. It’s a high bar, but Ivanka is now the most emo Trump. Julius Caesar is depicted as a fat old white guy. Who would mess around with Shakespeare to make a comment on present day life?

Will Congress stay up late to get their homework done?

D.C. and Maryland are suing Trump for accepting payments from foreign governments. The DOJ lawyers are taking the other side. Maybe $10,000 is steep, but if you really need a room...

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David Waldman finishes out Infrastructure Week with an appeal for funding.  You aren’t just paying for the basics here.  David and the rest of the fab four of KITM, Greg Dworkin, Armando and Joan McCarter bring you specific expertise and knowledge you just won’t find anywhere else. Be a KITM groupie today!

Donald got his phone back, and tweets a thank you to that lying perjuring leaker James ComeyArmando calls in to give the legal perspective on Trump councel counsil counsel’s strategy for the Predisent President. Jeff Sessions may have had a third undisclosed meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Qatar is getting a lot of attention for a place Trump might not have heard about until recently. Even though Donald’s probably a big fan of their government, Qatari won’t be eating beautiful Mar-a-Lago cake anytime soon.

Jon Ossoff is in the lead for the GA special-election with a couple weeks to go! While you’re helping there, call some senators, and help fix the secret back-door Trumpcare situation, even as Republicans stumble over every (predictable) reconciliation obstacle.

Next week’s scandal: Rep. Chris Collins bragged about the money he’s making for members of Congress with his insider stock tips!


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Why can’t we quit obsessing over this Comey thing, which is just distracting us from… wait. We are paying attention to the thing we’re supposed to today! Yay!

Yes, history is happening live right now—but you need to listen to David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando work this over first. We are on our way to getting to the bottom of this, although there may be no bottom to the lowness. The scandal is what’s already known, it’s just the details to fill in now. Whatever bombshells Comey drops today, they'll have a tough time competing with what we already know about Trump and Russia.

Of course the President, now totally vindicated, can move on. The Right wishes we could move on, but the Alt-Right can’t move at all because their head is spinning from so much winning. Still, there are some that call Donald Trump a huge loser, including Russian sex workers, and the former Miss Hungary

Let’s move on to the upcoming Qatar-Russia-Turkey-Saudi-Flynn-Lewandowski-Trump scandal, shall we? Throw in Trump’s new FBI director director pick Christopher Wray, who has Russian ties of his own… why not Chris Christie too? Oh, and remember Jared Kushner, with his secret channel to Putin, similar to Michael Flynn’s illegal channel to the Russian Military

Speaking of Russians, Senator Mark Warner reveals that more state election systems were targeted by them.

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Correspondent Donald Trump, quoting a senior White House official, got the scoop on everyone today. It’s big news, and would normally be the biggest news, probably leading to the hugest news, but right now is just debris in the winds of chaos. Donald Trump thrives in chaos. Chaos is his normal. Greg Dworkin describes this paradox today.

Trump chaos has spread around the world. Rex Tillerson gets the message. Bob Corker is now seeing Trump’s world trip as less than perfect. Four top law firms turned down requests to represent TrumpSadiq Khan 2020!

So, why is there support anywhere for this chump? Because the people they trust support him. Greg describes “Permission Structures”, one of which David Waldman erects in his front yard every couple of years. Republicans vote Republican no matter how much Republicans make them cry. For some, Democrats aren’t even people. Luckily, not everybody is them. Most Trump voters were not working class. Trumpism is ideology, not class

Trump aides’ idea,“Help Russia, ask for nothing back” sure won’t go over well with the boss. Donald asked Dan Coats to get Comey off his back. Meanwhile commercials want to sell you against Comey. Senate Republicans are closer than ever to repealing Obamacare—or at least to be seen trying to.

Joan McCarter agrees that Senate Republicans are either close to or far away from Obamacare repeal. Ready or not, Mitch McConnell is going to push Trumpcare. To warm up the crowd in Cinci, Trump took health insurance away from 13,000 Ohioans. Republicans are ready to destroy Medicaid and deny the dreams of millions. Eric Trump is pretty dumb, but the dumbest thing he ever did was let his dad near anything he didn’t want corrupted. Joan & David try out search engines, and find out that Google is indeed gamed.

A senior executive in DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review hits the ground running in his efforts to make the swamp swampy.

British society is unarmed, and therefore impolite, as demonstrated by the Millwall fan rudely interrupting terrorists.

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And, yes we have a Reality Winner!

That’s all I got, all of the good jokes are already taken.

David Waldman catches you up on Ms. Winner, the incredible sloppiness of The Intercept’s care for their resources, and most importantly, the Russian hacking that our friend Vlad assured us wasn’t happening.

Remember D-Day? Unless the D is for Donald, this moron doesn’t. Armando calls in and reminds us that we really have to fix this Donald Trump problem. Armando has several topics to discuss on Qatar, #1 is: how do you say Qatar? Trump wants you to look! At! Qatar! Saudi Arabia told Trump they’d take a hard line on funding terrorists, and they are sure reallocating resourcesThe $110 billion arms deal to Saudi Arabia is fake news, but they did send over $270,000 to the Trump DC Hotel, and they gave Donald a big necklace, which everyone knows is finders keepers, except for the nasty bureaucrats in Washington. Trump doesn’t keep track of things like “foreign cash”, so it is up to Democrats and the “Seven Member Rule” to discover what’s going on. This rule was news to David, so it is probably news to you—but not for our combined storehouse of knowledge at Daily Kos!

To understand Trump, we might have to learn to speak flimflam.

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Welcome to week 20 of Presidential Apprentice, and the 23rd round of the Donald Trump National Golf Tournament, David Waldman calls the shots:

Is today the day Donald Trump finally became president? No, but it is about time to get alarmed.

Greg Dworkin helps us figure out who the good guys are. Trump’s national security team thought he might be on someone’s side but his own. Of course they were wrong. Trump is on the stupid side, and stupid is winning. Trump doesn’t trust climate scientists, once he had a golf date rained out. The Associated Press doesn’t trust Trump to report the news. The Gop plan on you not trusting the media. What source is “official” anymore? Britain is not “under siege” or “reeling” and doesn’t need us to panic.

Trump trails Obama by 55 points, so it is understandable to miss Barack now, but please don’t interview another poor Ohioan. Donald has caught Comey-mania early, but is unlikely to prevent its spread through executive privilege. Ivanka Trump’s lazy, disingenuous, shallow, self-involved political brand is still going strong

Armando thinks it’s a good time to invest in tar, feathers and rails to run Trump out on. One of the last legit places to give Donald Trump a loan, The Deutsche Bank, ignored a U.S. Trump/Russia query from the U.S. House Financial Services Committee

If you really need a reason to start panicking, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain are cutting ties to Qatar, and Qatar is deploying 1,000 ground troops to fight in Yemen. So, who wants Trump to mistrust QatarSaudi Arabia's rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless corruption investigations into their arms deals were halted.

Coming up this week on KITM: An exploration into the myth of the kindly General Lee.  And—how the Trump-Russia data machine games Google to fool Americans. Now, you can’t google it to find out more, you need to tune into us!

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It’s getting harder and harder to adequately address the number of daily headlines that are legitimate outrages. But Greg Dworkin manages quite nicely with his roundup, and even draws Armando into the mix again today. Trump prepares to ignore the worldwide phenomenon, which some believe is a hoax, and withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate change agreement, abdicating America’s leadership role in global affairs. Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Wahlberg (R-MI) is relying on another worldwide phenomenon, which some believe is a hoax, to save us. Believe me, the world can see what Trump’s doing. And what he’s not. That much I can tell you.

Will Republicans who call him out pay a price at the polls? How about loyalists in marginal & shifting districts? Or does the post-Brexit experience of the fringe-right indicate a different outcome? Speaking of which, Nigel Farage has made the FBI’s list in the Trump-Russia investigation. And speaking of that, James Comey is set to testify next week. Armando chimes in on the complicated question of whether Trump can invoke “executive privilege” to stop him. Meanwhile, “recused” House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes is meddling again, this time unilaterally issuing subpoenas without informing committee Dems.

In health care legislation news, who owns the problems now? The Gop, by an almost 40-point margin. But LOL YOLO, nothing matters. Unless it does.

Trump grifters exploit yet another target, this time the families of victims of crime Trump built his immigration rhetoric around. And yet another central tenet of the campaign is smashed as Trump grants ethics & lobbying waivers to his entire WH senior staff, yet avoids naming names. And if you’re using the First Amendment to spill the beans, Trump’s got a Fourth Amendment surprise for you.

Thinking of deferring taxes on your vast wealth until Republicans slash rates? Turns out you’re pushing us past the debt ceiling quicker than expected. Hope that doesn’t cause you any problems.

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