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Today is the last “live” KITM, for at least a week. Don’t worry—no summer reruns! David Waldman will be releasing pre-recorded shows on many timeless topics and concerns.  

White nationalism and Nazis, are unfortunately a pretty enduring aspect of American life. Inexplicably, so is the Confederacy. Donald Trump calls them all “The Base”… actually he doesn’t call them anything, he just blows his dog-whistle.

Greg Dworkin rounds up news on White nationalism, enabled by the White House. The Alt-Right’s rebranding effort has failed. The Gop is more likely to vent ‘personal disgust’ for Trump after Charlottesville, which is really the only way a Trump voter has a chance to hear any bad Trump news. Americans realize the President Is Un-American, and there aren’t two sides to this question. Trump’s technique of babbling in the face of tragedy has failed him. Trump’s triangulation has failed, his dog whistle is broke, so Donald, uhh by the way says he thought Nazis and the KKK were bad all along. That’s after Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier resigned from Trump’s advisory council and Trump tried to kick him on the way out.

Nazis are getting punched here and around the world. Not nice, but neither are Nazis.

Armando calls in to discuss Netroots Nation, a place where, like Daily Kos, Twitter, and everywhere, all members of the Left respect and appreciate the viewpoints, judgements, and convictions of each other, mostly. We agree it’s time to be unapologetically progressive in 2018. Also, Comey and Mueller are pretty dreamy.

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KITM continues to evolve—just this week David Waldman fostered relationships to listeners, opened new communications networks, and sharpened his skills in a variety of applications. (Consider giving him a raise before some other place snaps him up.)

Speaking of raises, Trump Hotel in Washington is experiencing soaring profits, enabling it to raise its rates even higher, allowing Donald Trump to make incredible amounts of money for a financial imbecileKim Jong-un considers cutting the payroll in Guam. Trump considers countering global warming with just a touch of nuclear winter, and no one can stop him. 60,000 Psychologists say Trump has a "Serious Mental Illness" and will have multi-city town hall meetings on October 14 (which looks so far away). Two key aides to UN Ambassador Nikki Haley have found some “family concerns.” Married former White House Communications Director Jason Miller attempts to repopulate the earth in his image.

Armando calls in from an undisclosed location, actually he’s at Netroots Nation, but he can’t disclose much as he just got there.  He’ll bring us up-to-date next week!

Two guys you do hear a lot from are Bradd Jaffy And Kyle Griffin, who step in front of the news before you read it.

Donald Trump, who works with no one, won’t be working with Democrats on infrastructure.

Good news — the Statue of Liberty is now an anti-MAGA symbol, at least to MAGA types.


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David Waldman is making the new breaks on the half hour smoother, or at least more fun with each passing day. And shorter, which is definitely better.

Donald Trump loves the polls. Here’s one, for instance. In an effort to give balance to both sides, Greg Dworkin discusses the polls Donald doesn’t care for (the rest of them). Trump is heading towards Nixonian lows, and most importantly, losing his base. Republicans figure that eliminating elections would help make polling badly less irksome, but for the moment Democrats hope public opinion still has a relationship to electoral success. It will not be that easy for Democrats to use the health care vote to win back the House. If you are able to chase down an injured representative, maybe you can talk sense into them.

Professor Robert Kelly, the American expert on North Korea residing in South Korea ends up being this guy, so must have a lot on his plate right now. When Donald Trump orders the 40th infantry division to the Bloodmaul Slag Mines you’ll have one guy to thank (with royalty checks).

Armando is bummed that the most stupid president is getting advice from the most stupid television show as we head into nuclear obliteration. If we don’t all die, it will still be frustrating to watch some of the left ignore or denigrate fine policy ideas if promoted by members of the left who are not their members of the left.

Donald is taking a break from his golf club, and golf clubs, to visit Trump Tower, which is in New York City.

Oh, and this idiot got a little smarter, maybe.

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Some day premium members might get a chance to hear what David Waldman says during those 10 minutes or so when his computer crashes at the very beginning of a KITM. The rest of us can only guess.

Greg Dworkin, with his pals Spinner and Paddlefoot, discuss “cargo cults”. (Honestly, what’s up with that font style?) Cargo cults confused correlation with causation, which is always easy to do. Substance needs to precede results. Now, how to get the folks that just discovered healthcare for all would be great to trust those that knew that all along...

Donald’s shaky base gets shakier. There is less real support in those polls Trump followers think are fake—leaving room for more fake support! Trump voters don’t give a damn about others. Some say Donald Trump doesn’t really care about people. Or that he’s “senselessly” cruel. But no, he actually gets off on it. A lot.

So, let’s talk about nuclear war. Who lives in Guam, anyway? Enveloping fire and fury that this world has never seen before won’t bring more economic frustration to the rust belt, will it? Bad news like this is why twice a day Donald Trump gets a folder of happy news delivered to him, to confirm his support and power before he “gets in a mood”.

Quasi–White House adviser, actual Nazi Sebastian Gorka figures the Minnesota mosque attack was a “false flag” by the left. Meanwhile, the JCC bomb-threat suspect was probably paid to do it, according to the FBI.

Speaking of the FBI, they came knocking at Paul Manafort’s door “predawn”, which is never good.

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David Waldman announces that we still have nineteen million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand two hundred fifty dollars to go in our KITM August pledge drive. If we make that, I’ll weave you a tote bag.

It just seems like he’s out golfing, but Donald Trump is hard at work... watching Fox and Friends, and replaying the hard parts when their reasoning becomes too complex.

David takes a detailed look at the rules of business, and politics in Washington, before Trump tosses them out. The Trump administration is a corrupt family business, even for the Prince-DeVos families. Jeff Sessions subverts whatever rules he needs to for the boss. Sure, the Democrats can interpret the rules a bit hinky at times as well.

What ideology Donald doesn’t pick up watching Fox and Friends, he learns from Russian bots. The good/bad news is that bots get smarter every day.

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KITM is growing up! David Waldman introduces 3 minute long station identification and ad breaks on the half hour. Who knows what the future might bring?

It’s a bad morning for golf, so what can Donald Trump do to be productive? Twitter would be the only answer.

Donald wants us to know his base is bigger and better than ever before. Greg Dworkin and the facts disagree. Trump’s base feels that lying is how the game is played, and Donald Trump is their MVP, but even they want something more than lies from their leader. The base still has white victimhood to bind them together. “Cosmopolitan bias” is now a fashionable phrase, but of course has an ugly history. The NRA needs an enemy, and the enemy is now the media.

Victory is ours to lose, so Democrats get cracking on that as 2018 looms closer. Greg rounds up how to win (and how not to) in 2018.  

David gets procedural to remind us that reconciliation isn’t the only rule to watch in Congress. The SC Attorney General has "disturbing, highly irregular" behavior,  but isn’t that normal anymore?

The Keystone XL pipeline has survived politics but economics could kill it, requiring more tax cuts and subsidies, stat.

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David Waldman, called by many Boy Scouts the “World’s Greatest Dad,” got his apps together last night in order to bring you today’s well-oiled KITM, chock full of ultramodern “two-way” conversations:

Greg Dworkin tells us there’s a new sheriff in town, but the same bad hombre. A lot of Trump guys are getting fired, and Donald Trump still continues work on taking himself down. Unfortunately, Trump remains an "incompetent player" who must be "liquidated”—according to Russia.

Donald Trump is not popular in the US either. 71% say Donald is not “level-headed”. In fact, most Americans think Trump’s mostly awful in most ways—except for being “intelligent and strong” (the two attributes displayed by only the greatest movie slashers.) Trump knows now is the time to enact some deplorable legislation for his deplorable core. In the center of all the chaos hides the greatest destruction.

Donald Trump is unbelievable. He lied about the Boy Scouts. He lied about the president of Mexico. He lied about asking the president of Mexico to lie for him. He lies about everything. He’ll lie about anything. Trump lies like his life depends upon it. At least being he’s honest about it

Trump battles “fake news” (real news) with “real news” (fake news) hosted by his daughter-in-law.

Where are the Single-Payer wonks? Everybody wants it, but it’s not so easyWhy leftists don't trust Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick.

Armando calls in to try out the Skype. Donald’s going on that golfing vacation his entire career has led to on Friday. While in DC, Graft stays at the luxurious Trump International.

Joan McCarter finally gets time to return to the show! Remember that dumb lawsuit over Obamacare payments? It's now a big problem for Trump. Donald will be checking the progress of Trumpcare from the links. Meanwhile, red states move to slash Medicaid on their own.

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Chaos! Pandemonium reigns during the first 15 minutes or so of KITM, and it had nothing to do with the Trump administration! Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter called in to say hi to David Waldman, and that’s about as far as they got before Skype issues took them away. Both return tomorrow and will take another whack at it.

Donald Trump takes a darker turn, by appealing to the whitest insecurities. Trump wants a culture war. Are Democrats ready to fight back? Maybe... Trump thinks America is a hell-hole generally, but the White House is a real dump.

Meanwhile, Donald dropped a major deuce of stories. First, there’s Trump’s Wall Street Journal interview. A full transcript exists for the hardy, but leave it to professionals like David Dale to reveal the “highlights”, etc., etc. The second news flash is that Trump found that Russian sanction bill—it’s always the last place you look—and he’s getting some whining out while he searches for new smoochable areas on Putin’s butt. Rex Tillerson is helping hold the flashlight, and has found aspects of the State department to destroy, from countering Russian propaganda, to reducing requirements for justice or democracy.

Donald always has his comrades in mind. Putin and Trump are so close, each finishes the other’s alibis. Putin and Trump are as close as Fox and Sputnik.

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OK, Scaramucci is out. David Waldman is back. August is looking up.

But—Scaramucci’s, Kushner’s, Huntsman’s and Eric Trump’s emails!


Trump’s lawyer said Donald had nothing to do with Junior’s statement. So, of course, it turns out that Donald Trump actually dictated the statement.

Trump was going to sign that Russia sanctions bill, but it looks like it was lost in the mail. Maybe they can send over a copy?

Who would’ve guessed that Fox News would push fake news to distract from Trump BS?

Who would’ve guessed that the Gop would source an anti-Clinton amendment from Subreddit?

Lindsey Graham guesses it’s time to nuke North Korea.

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