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Al Franken... 

Roy Moore, who? Fox finally has a 24/7 target that is in office, as do we, because we know we have high standards that we really need to hold ourselves to.

But before we leave, David Waldman has a little retrospective on the Roy Moore saga: Two more women come forward on Moore, and then another two, for a total of what, 8? 9? This still doesn’t account for Roy getting kicked out of the Y. Roy’s wife found 50 pastors to vouch for him, but that was before they heard about the creepy stuff

So, if the plan to “Whatabout JFK Bill Clinton Al Franken?” in order to send Moore into a landslide win falls through, the Gop still has other tricks up their sleeve, including racism

“Trump’s land and hotel deals with the Russians need to be examined!” David has told you time and again. Christopher Steele backs him up on this.


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David Waldman unloads the dump truck of our discontent:

So, you know there was another mass shooting... friends, family, gone forever. Donald Trump feels your pain… No, he doesn’t even give AFThoughts and prayers! If you think he can’t get more detached, just wait until the next one.

Donald Trump returns to the US, apparently an Asia fan, but that could be the “heat of the moment”, “only time will tell” who ”the sole survivor” is, uhm...

And yes, there’s more on moron Moore each day…  For instance, when did Roy Moore quit being a pedophile? Greg Dworkin tells us GoOPredators are having second thoughts on Moore. Concerned Republicans would like us to consider the President’s actions—no, no, too soon, back up a few terms maybe. That’s too bad, because Democrats have recent examples of how to handle these things. Why do such nice guys end up molesting children? Not voting Moore in will be easier than expelling him later.

On an upbeat note, Greg brought some happy polls with him. Maybe Trump’s election was a fluke? Right now Donald loses to the no-name brand and even some Democrats people know! Democrats grab the Albuquerque mayoral seat back in a blowout!

Polling shows voters believe Trump will benefit from the Tax plan. Where would they get that idea?Well, if you didn’t have that idea, you haven’t been paying attention to Joan McCarter: Republicans are ditching their rule making it hard to hike people’s taxes, because they’re about to hike people’s taxes. They are trying to slip Obamacare repeal into their tax plan, apparently because it’s too popular. The rush is on to take cut taxes for the rich, cut $25 billion from Medicare, and eliminate the Children’s Health program.

The Constitution is as alive the Supreme Court wants it to be.

Mueller doesn’t have it so tough when criminals clearly label their crimes.

Open carry swords and machetes in starts in Texas today!

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Yes there’s more Moore today, because you deserve more, and Moore deserves it, so David Waldman takes KITM there again.

A fifth woman has come forward to recount, in this case, being sexually assaulted by Moore. People had Roy pegged all along. He was banned from the mall! From restaurants! From the YMCA! Women speaking up can still fear the law, their bosses, actually just about everybody. Roy Moore probably will still win, at least by getting away with it for 40 years. David looks into Powell v. McCormackand how it might or might not be the way the Gop handles the Moore situation.

We are still hearing about even more contacts between Russians and Trump in case anyone thought we didn’t have enough. The Wikileaks/Trump Jr. exchange shows a conspiracy, and that Wikileaks is an absolute fraud. Wikileaks wanted Junior to share stolen info, contest the election and to make Julian Assange ambassador. If only Trump had listened to Chris Christie he wouldn’t be in this mess. 

As if Alabama didn’t have enough problems—ghost hunting speechwriter Brett Talley forgot his wife is chief of staff for White House Counsel Donald McGahn.

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David Waldman welcomes us to Week 43 of Presidential Apprentice. (Let’s hope that it becomes a count down soon.)

Keurig owning Hannity fans think they are owning Liberals. The good news is that there are more and more things for them to buy and destroy to get our attention.

There aren’t any 14 year old girls working in government, but recently Roy Moore has inspired many Republicans to cover their behinds. As Moore and other abuser’s behavior was common knowledge, but without justice, abuse victims would wait decades for them to just get old and die. However, women are coming out all over now, and as expected are being punished for it, including Roy’s accusers.

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls on Alabama, which look good, but expect a lot of people to expose things you’d never want to see in the privacy of their voting booth. Evangelicals are more likely to believe powerful over powerless, men over women, Putin over some Lib. We have had recent successes, but still have plenty of hurdles, from gerrymanders, to racism, etc. to overcome.

Robert Mueller has 17 federal prosecutors on his team, because right now that is what he believes he needs. Watch for that to change. Ivanka and Jared have a lot more money than you, but maybe we should pity them or something? The Gop’s top priority is too make sure Trumps hold on to more billions.

In the history of people, China has never seen Donald Trump. Trump Tower is pretty big, but Sean Spicer just had to go to the floor he should never go to. A Trump judge nominee has never tried a case, but has won approval of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Here is how the White Nationalist communities wreak online havoc and spread propaganda.

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Pour yourself a cup of coffee, find an easy chair, kick back and hit play on today’s KITM. Comfortable? You won’t be soon.

The only way to look at Roy Child Molester Moore’s story is in unflinching detail. Flinching—avoiding those uncomfortable details—is what people like these need you to do, in order to keep abusing. David Waldman cringes, shudders, gags a little, but does not flinch, devoting most of the show to Moore. Steve Bannon admits that journalists work at The Washington Post, while most Republicans go where you, and even they feared they would go. Flake and McCain have some humanity left, and Mitt Romney snaps out of Reek mode for at least a tweet.

There is some more happening in the world, and for you to consider over the weekend:

Trump was offered a handful of women when he was in Russia in 2013. His bodyguard didn’t get any, but might have been out grabbing burgers while Trump was grabbing some.

Hezbollah has decided that Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon.

Icahn haz subpoena.

The Trump voter fraud commission is sued—by one of Its own commissioners.

The Republican tax bill looks like it was written by Donald Trump’s accountants and tax lawyers, too much efficiency to expect from this administration.

And—$30K raised for Juli Briskman, the woman fired for flipping off Trump motorcade!

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Today, join David Waldman and everyone here at KITM in celebrating the anniversary of the day after Tuesday’s election!

Greg Dworkin joins the fun, but eschews effusing exuberantly. Sure, we won big, but why exactly did we? Were we just realigning as expected, or was there a demand for women and minorities, or just some competent governance for once?

The other big winner—Obamacare!

Most Trump voters are staying put, which is OK, as that isn’t enough to win. The suburbs are revolting. This frightens Gopers going into 2018, so maybe they need to dump Trump? Of course Paul Ryan is with the Donald, right at the moment.

The Senate tax plan is different from the House’s but will Trump notice, and would that matter?

Rand Paul knows he’s one of those guys that is so nice and pleasant to be around that you just kind of want to hug him to death. So it just doesn’t make sense to him that someone would assault him over lawn care

Wilbur Ross, a fake Milli-Vanillionaire has ties to Russia, but this isn’t about that, it’s about corruption.

Rex (everything) Tillerson declares war on Hillary Clinton with an army of State Department employees.

Is Lebanon being declared war on?

A Democrat figures out that there is no up side to visiting Fox.

RIP Keith Pickering.

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Ah, a sunny day! The Democratic Party feels kind of like a real party today. Let’s join the KITM celebration:

Greg Dworkin reports on the backlash that Trump earned, and brings us some fun polls that we have earnedKarma rains down on Trumpism far and wideEverywhere, voters send a message to frothing cauldron of Republicans. Young, Democratic, women are getting out and voting for young Democratic women. Trump’s core will remain, as long as Trump trolls, and they’re racist. Some tweets aren’t aging well. Isn’t it time Trump voters reach out to us? For Donald Trump Jr. there’s always tomorrow.

Today is also a great day for catching up on Twitter. Some takes aren’t so hot anymore. The Gop claws come out. Don’t worry about Chris Cillizza, that dude can turn on a dime

Joan McCarter joins David Waldman to share both schadenfreude und mitfreude. Some Democrats won with little help, so congratulations? Did Lee Carter not knock on enough doors, or was he too much of a lefty

Does the House tax bill satisfy Senate rules for avoiding a filibuster?

Trump’s Obamacare sabotage backfires, which means free health care for many! Word must be getting around, as there is a record number of early signups. Still, more than 30 million Americans are in danger of losing healthcare, so the war is not over. Republicans don’t worry about voters when donors are about to quit paying them. Having a future depends on taking care of kids now, but House Republicans pass a sham Children’s Health Bill, putting 9 million kids lives in jeopardy.

Leonard Steven Grasz is rated unqualified by the American Bar Association. Now a fourth Trump judicial nominee, Brett Talley is deemed not qualified.

Also—Maine Governor Paul LePage continues having tantrums.

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David Waldman is out there saving our country from Ed Gillespie, but not before helping you help save our country with today’s KITM:

Wilbur Ross has been lying about being a billionaire for years, but even fake rich guys stash their money on islands. Unfortunately for Ross, the money trail offshore also links him to Putin’s inner circle, and maybe even… Bono.

Carter Page, lowest hanging fruit for anybody investigating almost anything, is telling a lot for someone refusing to talk. Bots were Russia’s first contribution to the Trump campaign.

David continues explaining the Saudi-Lebanon feud, at least as well as anyone can explain it at the moment.

A 50 year old mom of two flipped off Donald Trump, and who amongst us hasn’t? Unfortunately someone figured out a way to fire her. There’s already at least one gofundme page that purports to be raising money for her. (UPDATE: The person behind the page has been in contact with Juli, and all proceeds will go to her!)

Trump will cease extreme vetting for immigrants, because the good immigrants coming in to our country can… nope. David notices fascist costuming on the Texas church shooter before anyone else.


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Today’s KITM is so great, it took David Waldman days of labor to complete it. Actually, David had to be somewhere at airtime Monday, so he started recording Friday night and eventually stopped talking Sunday. Unfortunately things just kept happening…

So, people still need to be told that mass shootings in America are a serious problem, even when mass shootings need subcategories to be tracked? Crazy people find that guns make killing quick, easy and fun.

Donald Trump is also mentally ill. You do not need more than his words to gather that he has problems. This trend is intensifying the longer he's in office.

Saudis attempted to stem their prince infestation by capturing about a dozen of them over the weekend. The worst ones always seem to get away. Some rats in the US might finally be trapped: Mike Flynn, both big and little, and Commerce Reptile Wilbur Ross might actually be going down—and why not? What have they done for the Donald lately? Robert Mercer might be too big to throw under a bus, however.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have gone to both Facebook and Twitter from some Russian guy, but money isn’t the only way into social media domination. At least 195 Trump web addresses were hacked by probably less well-off Russians, and hundreds of Trump secret subdomains are even paying to be hosted in Russia. Some Russians created “Jenna Abrams”, who is fake, but got to be a way bigger celebrity than you. Jenna, and fake news couldn’t have achieved their giant success without your help, however.

Montana’s post-truth power couple will get you coming and going.

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Civil War! Stand by for a KITM secret directive to Antifa forces—They do have Zombie Hitler, so we are assured this will be a tough fight but…

Oh, wait. It now seems that David Waldman will be addressing the other civil war—our long-time favorite here—the war of Democrats vs. Democrats.

Armando calls in. Check out what he’s come up with over the last 24 hours—heck, you should follow him and read what he comes up with all the time. Today’s discussion pits the DNC Joint Fundraising Agreement of 2015 vs JFA 2016. Also the DCCC vs the DNC, caucuses vs. primaries, binding vs. non binding vs open vs closed vs firehouse primaries—remember, you can’t exploit the rules if you don’t know them! 

Now, about the Hillary Victory Fund. Daily Kos readers, and especially KITM listeners are blessed with perpetually sensitive minds, immune to numbing by any level of detail. So you should follow along on this thread David and Armando discussed, and then follow up by reading this and this one, which contain new details, ideas and invective. Get it out of your system, then get back to work.

So, if the country isn’t in smoking ruins by the end of the weekend there are interesting races in Virginia, like the one between the pro-racist murder guy, and the guy who isn’t. Probably not good enough of a reason to destroy democracy, or keep the civil war going.

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