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David Waldman exposes the Minecraft rigging scandal, brah! It’s the second KITM snow day, and the kids are at home again (artist conception) but don’t let them distract you from what is really important today!

Greg Dworkin remains focused on the Trump-Ryancare boondoggle. The Gop remains in full unity in their blame of somebody else. Paul Ryan tempts a political backlash, as Trump loyalists sound the alarm. The cost of failure on Ryan-Trump care may be the rest of Trump’s agenda. Trump’s polling divebombs. Senators offer helpful suggestions. Trump voters’ rationalizations are running out, forcing most of them into supporting Trump irrationally... but maybe some could change their mind when they become directly affected. Here is a list of people to blame for Gopcare. Have the Republicans quit thinking about how things will be after 2018? Democrats have to fight on many fronts to win this one.

Rachel Maddow revealed a little bit about Donald Trump’s taxes last night. The reaction has been, as expected, stupid, misguided and unfocused. So, Armando was required to come in and put it all into perspective for us.

Joan McCarter tells us that the federal government's power to borrow money to pay its bills is set to expire Thursday, but this administration won’t let a little thing like the calendar boss them around anymore. Anyhow, they have to concentrate on Trump-Ryancare, or whatever you want to call it. So what if the CBO says millions more will suffer — they are only looking at one prong of the Ryan-Trumpcare pitchfork! Already “prong one” promises to rob the poor for tax cuts to the rich, and lower premiums by forcing out the sick and old people. And, think of all the savings to be realized by lowering the life expectancy of the people owed money!

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David Waldman reports from Trump Blizzard ‘17: Plenty of chaos, a Trumpish 4 inches in VA.

If you can find your driveway, and find your newspaper, the headline you’ll find is about the millions losing insurance coverage. The Congressional Budget Office estimates 24 million, but Donald thinks he can beat that.

Once again, that money you see Don slipping into his pocket—he certainly does not plan to keep that—he plans to “donate” it. You just haven’t told him where yet. Trump plans to cut government waste, but no one has told him where yet. He did act to make his Agriculture Secretary nominee rich, though. And, his son-in-law is getting really rich, with the Chinese. Donald Trump will be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago next month.

Dmitry Rybolovlev, the King of Fertilizer, Potentate of Potash, Alkali Aristocrat, Marquis of Manure, Duke of Dung, Governor of Guano, Sharif of... why would he pay Donald P. Trump $95 million for a house Trump spent $41 million on?

Armando calls in sunny Florida to discuss Trump’s emoluments corruption and what can be done about it, Steve King: White Nationalist/Nativist/Eugenicist, Bernie Sanders coal country tour, The Rachel Maddow Show’s soaring ratings, and abhorrent hack Chris Cillizza’s raise.

Get well soon Bill in Portland Maine! Sign and donate to the Community Quilt!

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Did you remember to fall forward, or spring back on Sunday? Or did you just stick it to the man and skip resetting this year? Don’t be a slave to the clock, listen to David Waldman and KITM anytime!

Kellyanne Conway might be Denis Leary, but she’s no Inspector Gadget, no matter what your microwave tells you. Rep. Mike Kelly privately talked about Obama’s deep state shadow government, but apparently some appliances were listening in.

As long as Trump promises chaos, Greg Dworkin will round-up orderand polls! Americans see healthcare going off on the wrong track. Trump voters, at least the poor, old, and rural ones, will be hit the hardest. The Gop would rather not think about that. Many people are affected by Obamacare
premium increases, just not a large percentage of voters, which Tom Price adds up as “nobody”. Here are the 5 reasons the CBO will likely say Trumpcare increases uninsured. Here are 3 things Republicans are going to tell you to change the subject as we all head to 2018. Tom Cotton definitely does not want to discuss this. You probably can’t tell them anything anyway.

It looks like emotion and peer influence, and James Comey… and Billy Bush took Hillary Clinton down in ‘16. Now swastikas and the KKK are back in again.

Tillerson’s heading to Asia, but Trump and ‘Gina can’t stay apart and will be together in April. Rupert Murdoch might have found a way to profit from Donald Trump’s decisions. Donald said he wouldn’t take a salary, then maybe he’d donate it, now it looks like he’d rather keep it. Which is OK, because Trump will be eliminating his position as a cost-saving measure later this afternoon.

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No matter what your age or where you’re from, you know on Friday you gotta, gotta get down! Get down to the weekend informed by David Waldman and KITM:

In honor of a Day Without A Woman a guy on BBC demonstrated how tough it is to have a day without your spouse. A couple guys wonder why they have to pay for the lady problems in their insurance. Jamie Dimon feels Trump’s masculinity has already aroused the marketplace

David Brat, who is tired of women up in his grill, is also tired of the Byrd rule. Brat doesn’t seem to understand that Byrd was a person, the process of reconciliation or much of how government operates. David Waldman goes into detail on all of that. This weekend’s big read: The mythology of Obamacare continues to fight against the good of Obamacare

Maxine Waters isn’t sure if the entire dossier on Donald P. Trump is absolutely true, even as more and more is confirmed.  

Loyalty has its rewards, but for Trump those rewards do not include trust or latitude. Rex Tillerson lost most of his staff and clotheslined the press, but Trump still doesn’t quite have his back, for some reason. Green acres is not the place for Trump, so who needs an agriculture secretary? Trump does understand Goldman Sachs partner, hedge fund manager, bank owner, and Hollywood producer Steven Mnuchin. But Mnuchin still doesn’t get Donald’s love, like some of those others in the inner circle who just have that certain something Michael Flynn had.

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David Waldman missed his RSVP to Don and Ted’s excellent dinner last night. Heidi did not ask Donald to pass the beans, as that could have gotten messy. Nice to see the fellas getting along, though.

Greg Dworkin still finds Trump more offensive than charming. Last night, or this morning, Trumpcare emerged from the ways and means committee, without much debate on, or even reading of the bill. Will the bill go no where, as designed, or will presidential magic happen? Trump plans to blame Democrats for any bad, including Trumpcare. Republicans will blame each other, as soon all of their constituents outside of the 1% see how they are screwed. Several major health groups are rejecting the bill. The AARP already has spots out on The Age Tax. Is SCOTUS the cause of the Gop opposition we're seeing to a rollback of the ACA's Medicaid expansion? Maybe the Democrats can help the Republicans out of the repeal box.

Low-income wage growth has been pushing wage growth for the last few years. Thanks Obama.

The Trump administration has found it difficult to find loyalist Machiavellian toadies that meet the high standards of executive-branch positions, but it has installed hundreds of little snitches throughout various federal agencies. Steven Mnuchin’s Treasury picks are stalled on loyalty worries. Anthony Scaramucci was too independent of a Fed for Donald.

Loyalty to the US is not that big of deal for Donald P. Trump. Michael Flynn’s lobbying probably aided Turkey. The Ukraine and US find another connection between Paul Manafort and Russian intelligence. Remember the Donald Trump threat of a trade war with China? Probably not so much now after China granted 38 trademarks to Trump, including Trump Brand Escort Service.


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Today is designated the “Day Without A Woman”, but it’s a day no one is calling off, everyone is finding a way to stand up. David Waldman discusses how to walk the walk, without stepping on any rakes today. Donald P. Trump has tremendous respect for women.

Greg Dworkin joins just about everyone in not supporting the Unaffordable TrumpDoesn’tCare Act.  Key players are staking out their positions, but their decision making process isn’t based on the bill actually working, it’s what lies they can sell, and how fast they can sell them. Paul Ryan loves the plan, but Donald owns it. Pro-Trump media is already turning against it, the AMA opposes it, maybe the House can blame the Senate?

Joan McCarter agrees, Trumpcare is bad. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to ram Trumpcare through, and are willing to tell anyone anything. Confusion reigns throughout Republican leadership, with Republicans like Jason Chaffetz believing chemotherapy and and an iPhone cost about the same, because when was the last time they looked at a receipt? Four Republican Senators have figured some things out, and tell McConnell to save the Medicaid expansion. Most understand that insurance just isn’t the goal.

Donald’s attention moves on from Trumpcare, back to Mar-a-Lago, where he spends about 1/3 of the time, and to Benghazing his wiretapping BS. While down there, he can meet with “Big Candy” and, of course, the Russians, who you’d think would be too busy meeting with the NRA in Moscow. Hired jerks, such as Bosis Epshteyn can handle things in DC.

Meanwhile, an Iowa Republican wants universities to ask prospective professors who they vote for. A North Carolina bill tightens the screws on protesters, calling them “economic terrorists”.

With all of the rumors on Republican digital superiority, the Democrats reveal their digital plans. Take this fun personal dialect quiz, so the network tracing you can better pinpoint their drone strikes!


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David Waldman reminds us that International Women's Day is tomorrow, which could be A Day Without A Woman, so plan accordingly. Yet another example of a whole bunch of women fixing what a whole bunch of men did. David got the idea that women might want to shop that day (from his wife) but Not All Women may choose that... in fact guys can support women too!

The house GOP Obamacare replacement plan has major gaps in cost and coverage, surprising no one, except maybe Jason Chaffetz. Republicans are skipping a CBO score, which could cause a “Byrd problem”.

Trump figures the best way to pay for the wall would be to cut national security—but not around Mar-a-Lago, which of course needs to increase. After all, there are a lot of important people there, especially during weekends. For the remainder of the week, lobbyists can rest their expense accounts at Trump International Hotel

Have our dystopian robot overlords arrived? The answer might surprise you, unless you believe it’s an artisanal snake oil based secret sauce being sold by Stephen Bannon to the Mercers. When it’s Trumpian skullduggery, you know the Russians want a piece of it, and Donald P. Trump loves some Russian skullduggery too, as required in his battle with the United States of America.

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Sit down with a cup of coffee and listen to David Waldman, KagroX, host of Kagro in the Morning, for the best in political conversation.  But, If you came for the best cup of coffee, maybe you got the wrong David Waldman. We still have the best oneaccept no imitations!

There’s only one Greg Dworkin—all the better to keep the Chaos at a minimum. This weekend Donald P. Trump forgot he was president for a while. He did remember he was a 70 year old Breitbart and Fox fan, though. As a result, Donald’s employees didn’t get the weekend off, and Don’s golf game was probably screwed too.

Things are so chaotic, Greg recommends studying Groucho Marx to make sense of it all. Trump has chucked our shared values out of the Tower window, and his party remains not ready to govern. It is time to pause this presidency, and to realize Trump’s Twitter is a gateway to authoritarianism. You don’t even have to think Trump Is an authoritarian to worry about his presidency. You can worry about the Deep State, and be still be happy to avoid the Russian State.

Is the media structured to see the President like a king? The public is still keeping their values, however. Senator Ben Sasse says "We are in the midst of a civilization-warping crisis of public trust Broken pledges and unstable behavior destroy the only thing government is based on: trust. What happens when we don’t believe the president’s oath? We will be forced to question the reality of everything they say.

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Thanks to you, our loyal listeners, David Waldman can afford his New York Times subscription, a prime example of KITM’s commitment to putting your money back to work for you! But you’re not finished, your job is not done. I too need to read the same articles, prefer stick shifts, like reupholstering, have kids in TKD and endeavour to keep you sane in these insane times. So, head on over to PayPal or Patreon and throw some coins into our hat. Thanks!

Today’s—or maybe just this morning’s—scandal is brought to us by The Indianapolis Star and their old buddy Mike Pence. Mike used personal email for state business—and it was hacked. This should be addressed quickly, as no one is above the law.

Speaking of honest men, where does the Russian investigation go now? Donald P. Trump could or should be taking aktivniye meropriyatiya, but the links at Mar-a-Lago beckon him. (Somehow his frequent flyer miles aren’t adding up to profits for local Florida businesses.) No one ever promised he’d be good at government, or business. OK, maybe somebody did. But, is this all just a clever money-saving approach? Or a clever political strategy? At least state department employees can sneak out early every Friday when Donald takes off for the airport. It looks like DC now operates on Putin time.

Speaking of Vladimir Putin and Louise Mensch, perhaps she isn’t so nuts after all, at least in regards to The Carolina Conspiracy. It appears as if Barack Obama might agree.

Could high-tech jerks be calling in bomb threats using spoofing and voice-masking technology in order to incriminate their victims? Turns out, yes, they did. Right at the moment, that guy might not be considered an anti-semite jerk, but there certainly are many anti-semite jerks still at large .

Under Trump, an already depleted IRS could face deep cuts. David explores the many tax boondoggles available to big businesses and the anti-tax consultants they hire, including those fools at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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What is David Waldman to do? With so much hitting the fan at one time, how can he find the time to even describe it all to you in one show? OK, so you heard this thing about Jeff Sessions—no wait, Greg Dworkin brings us way back to yesterday when the media swooned over Donald getting all presidential with it. A little distance is reminding us of the role and function of Trump’s joint address, and to not get bamboozled by style over substance. Of course, the media gets bullied, and played yet again. Donald was hoping to coast into Mar-a-Lago with his widow shtick, but even that “high point” is running into problems today.

On to Jeff Sessions! Given the choice between recusal and losing his job, being prosecuted etc., Jeff is becoming more open to recusal. Republicans are also seeing the benefits in false choices. Recusal is essential, but perjury is illegal, according to Jeff Sessions, and he will have to face that as well. Sessions is trying to Houdini out of this, but the gravity is strong. Jeff Sessions wasn’t just a routine campaign surrogate, and the Russians he talked to weren’t regular Russians. The GOP and Trump supporters are really working hard to keep from caring, but the scandal and its cover up are Trumpian sized now, and it’s becoming political suicide for Republicans if they don’t call for deeper investigations on Russia.

Paul Manafort’s daughters thought Trump was a joke, but they were more worried about Ukrainian’s blood money.

Armando wishes there was a catchier word than “emoluments” that holds the cachet of “Russian spies”. President son-in-law Jared Kushner will be keeping his companies, his money and probably his Russian connections too.

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