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As with most days, our broadcasting day begins with Trump rage-tweets. Today, he’s mad that Republicans—whoever they are—haven’t delivered on Obamacare repeal. But speaking of Trump’s moods, he’s actually thrilled at having gotten good press on the latest budget deal. It’s fun to dream about what would happen if Dems really could manipulate Trump into doing good things just by flattering him constantly. But Republicans are still bending over backwards to protect him, presumably in hopes of hurting more people.

Immigrant-bashing right-wing-blonde-lady-of-the-moment Tomi Lahren is shown the door, but probably won’t leave America.

OK, everybody knows Facebook f*#&ed up our election. And everybody knows Russia is f*#&ing up all the elections, everywhere. It’s what they do. Once again, top Republicans knew too, but swore each other to secrecy so their party could reap the benefits. So now that we know Russian trolls were buying Facebook ads as well as circulating fake news, is it really impossible that they did their own targeting? After all, they have had some practice at it. And it’s not like our fringiest fringe kooks were keeping it a secret that they were vulnerable to manipulative political f*#&nutteryNow look at the particular brand of craziness just now spilling out into the streets. Hmm!

Oh, also, this: Wife of Trump Org ethics attorney arrested after tryst with Fauquier inmate

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David Waldman invites us to join him at the firehose of filth. Let’s!

Greg Dworkin opens today’s tap. Donald Trump reassures us that he’s all talk and no action, nonetheless yesterday Republicans found out Donald’s very good at backstabbing. Trump’s triangulation makes the Gop’s skin crawl for once. A debate forms on who really won or lost. Democrats see this as a big win for Democrats, but Republicans see this as a big loss for Republicans. In fact, some on the right suspect Trump might not be one of them. The far right are especially aggrieved. Maybe it’s time to just quit.

The Mexicans are coming to take our tithes! Hillary haters find out they don’t like Trump either. Trump remains the president of Obama haters.

Facebook gets around to admitting they sold themselves to Russian trolls a few times… 470 of them, 3000 times. Jared and Ivanka might be appalled to hear of the investigation heading their way. Twitter might want to get their things in order also. This woman takes us on a tour of Trump’s Alamo.

Russians flock to Trump properties to anchor some babies.

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David Waldman presents an echo-free KITM! And a new computer is coming, providing untold fidelity next week.

Today Greg Dworkin comes in so clear, you can almost count the number of socks he has in his dryer. Greg brings the latest on DACA, hurricanes and North KoreaHarvey woes aren’t over, Irma is a beast and Jose is not far behind. A Texas couple postpones their wedding and serves three-course meals to victims of hurricane Harvey instead. Ted Cruz demands generosity (and gets it).

Trump didn’t have the balls, nor the brains to take out DACA, but he does have a triggerman happy to step in. What’s a little abuse of public trust to a guy that always abuses trust? The Gop sets ransom demands, and the rest of us will pay dearly.

Remember when the rich couldn’t afford to get richer, and let others have some? The world changes, most change with it, except certain snowflakes

Jeff Flake’s reelection leans upon Trump’s popularity.

Threads fixed Twitter while becoming the literary form of the Trump era. 

Devin Nunes is no recuser. Now he’s gone off the deep end, threatening Jeff Sessions and the FBI unless they tell him more about that pee tape.

Joan McCarter sounds as great as usual. The Senate is actually beginning hearings on potential legislation, unless Irma throws them off track. Donald is also doing his best to keep anything good from happening. States and insurers struggle to guess what to do. Democrats need to shut the Judiciary Committee down, and Al Franken does his part by withholding his approval of David Stras for the 8th Circuit Court.

Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer gives Trump another slot to fill.

Trump gets millions from golf members. CEOs and lobbyists get access to president, and USA Today has proof.

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David Waldman brings us a KITM to get us through the Mondayest Tuesday ever. Last week was Trump's worst legislative week ever, and Congress wasn't even in session.

Boy, when Donald Trump finds out Jeff Sessions cancelled DACA, he’s going to be so angry! In 6 months—approaching the 2018 elections—the beneficence of the Republican congress is due to shine through as they grant it back no doubt, just as Donald told you they should back when he had more brain cells bumping together.

Armando doesn’t buy the Trump spin, ever, and calls in to discuss what’s really happening, and going on behind the scenes. Trump calls NAFTA the "worst trade deal ever negotiated", Canada and Mexico might like a deal without the US next time.

The Right is trying to bend the narrative about Fascists and Anti-fascists, Mike Stuchbery bent it right back at them. Here’s how Russian and Alt-Right Twitter accounts work together to skew the narrative. Germany joins the fight against Russian cyber attacks. Putin denies either pitching or catching.

Now Utah police have to stay away from Utah nurses.

We not only live on a fragile planet, we live on a tiny, fragile thin shell.

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Hey, you got the day offgood for you! What better way to spend it, than to do whatever you want to do today, plus some David Waldman and KITM flowing through your earbuds.

Donald Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay (maybe to get it closer to the 2018 elections?). Matt Damon says the guy was always an ass. John Kelly has to keep Omarosa away from Trump so Donald isn’t triggered. Kelly finds it tough leading a despotic ball-busting baby-man.

If you are celebrating Labor Day today, maybe robots haven’t yet taken your job. Unless you are actually a robot, and you are just saying that to impress people on Twitter. If you are on Twitter you probably are a bot, in which case congratulations, you make a lot more than me. The Bot King is pro-Trump, but denies that he is Russian. The remaining humans on Twitter are mired in futile bot wars. Our Sarah Connor might end up being Valerie Plame.

Russian election hacking continues to turn up, with little attention being paid. Meanwhile, Cambridge Analytica tried a move into the Kenyan Elections, but they don’t allow crap like that there. Around the world, Denmark and Sweden team up against Russian cyberattacks and propaganda, and Norway preemptively orders a manual recount of all ballots to prevent tampering.

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In order to conquer the KITM echo, David Waldman tried the Discord app, and it wasn’t helpful. Next time he might try a more effective means of telecommunication, like a seance maybe.

Want to help Harvey victims? There’s ActBlue. Probably a better pick than Red Cross. Donate, but think about it first.

There were explosions at a flooded Texas chemical plant. Well not an “explosion”—kind of a overpressurization, followed by a violent containment rupture, a fireball—well not a “fireball” , the volatile chemicals are flammable—well not “flammable” more like Inflammable, that is to say you probably shouldn’t be living around there.

How powerful is the Mayor of Charlottesville supposed to be? Now he’s supposed to be less powerful

Robert Mueller is teaming up with the New York AG to box the Trump gang for good. What can Donald Trump do now?

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Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter called in to today’s KITM via Skype. If you listened live, their voices had a strong “reverberation”, David Waldman’s did not. If you listen to today’s podcast you will not hear any echo on any voice. During the broadcast David did not hear any echo, Joan did, but Greg did not… but Armando did yesterday... Is there an audio/computer/streaming engineer in the house? Let us know which button to push!

Greg Dworkin rounds up the latest on Harvey and Houston. The worst is yet to come for the chronically ill or in need of any health assistance

We all pull together in times of crisis… OK, we used to. For the Gop any time is a good time to for tax cuts and cutting services. Donald Trump won’t allow Harvey to be like Obama’s Katrina and it won’t be, if hat sales are any guide. The same folks whatabouting Katrina really enjoy Donald’s personality and style. Republicans find themselves defending Trump’s stench, even as more of the stink rubs off on them. Still, more than a fifth of his support has smartened up.

Greg Gianforte body-slammed Ben Jacobs, promised him an interview, and is of course not planning on doing anything.

Joan McCarter informs us that the real test for Republican government starts next week. She expects them to fail. The disaster in Texas was predicted. Trump can also be predicted to attempt to route disaster relief to his wall. Here is a way to support victims of Hurricane Harvey$350K so far! 

Jim Mattis isn’t contradicting Trump on transgender policy, in fact he is implementing the order exactly as directed. Mattis might have to contradict us out of nuclear war.

Donald is still a little bit short of actually running a dictatorship. The legal challenge to the Arpaio pardon begins, and it looks as if Trump can’t pardon his way out of Russia trouble.

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Here is what sets KITM apart from other shows: David Waldman finds it a necessity from time to time to dig way way way into the news compared to the sources from which he borrows. Today, listen as David does the research into the stories live and finds the answers to  the questions you’d ask: Is this true? Does this check out? Is the the right answer? Things you just can’t do in print:

Two men were finally arrested in connection to the Charlottesville violence they committed in front of many eye witnesses and cellphones. In fact, David pieces together two viral images to tell the story of one moment at Charlottesville. Who was in charge at Charlottesville? It helps to know who was supposed to be in charge.

Melania put on her wading heels and went to survey the Hurricane Harvey situation. Harvey is her husband’s big chance to claim… something. Donald continues his laser focus on his image. Republicans know Trump sucks. He’s not even a Republican, who are supposed to suck. We don’t need Louise Mensch to make up stories when we have so many real ones.

Meanwhile mass shootings slide right on by on the news feed. Two dead, 4 injured in Clovis, New Mexico. What causes gun “accidents”? Negligence? Ignorance? Stupidity? Yep. The 95th child under 15 accidentally has been shot to death this year.

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Week 32 of The Presidential Apprentice kicks into gear with a new challenge, the “natural disaster.” Lucky for our contestant, this is a huge, historic, chocolate cake of a calamity, because when things go wrong it will be hard to compare him to Obama.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin talk about the many dilemmas left for Texas, it is no time for self congratulations.

Donald Trump might have sucked less as a 19th century presidentJoe Arpaio might have been more secluded as a 19th century sheriff, but they didn’t allow anti-government extremists then either—and that is the least of Arpaio’s evils. Arpaio once staged an assassination attempt to win sympathy, then framed a man for it. Taxpayers paid the damages.

So, of course Trump pardoned Arpaio. Heavens! that puts Donald in “uncharted territory”! Why, he certainly crossed a line there, a bit like the last ten lines he crossed. People will become so troubled by this. Then Trump will do it again, and then he’ll do it half a dozen more times.

Armando calls in for a nuts and bolts discussion of DNC Unity, and how the charming tradition of the Iowa Caucus is an affront to democracy.

Remember when Trump said he had “no links, no loans, no nothing” with Russia? It looks like he had a lot of no nothing with Russia, including attempting a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president. Maybe Trump (and Jill Stein) were trying to share Christian values… or mob connections.

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