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Kagro in the Morning - February 29, 2016

David Waldman presents a special bonus show for you February lovers, before we start March.

Did Greg Dworkin bring polls? Is this Tuesday Super? South Carolina’s exit polls give an idea of Hillary Clinton’s strengths and strategies for Tuesday, and against Donald Trump. What Hillary Clinton’s massive win among black voters really says. Historically, how does she measure up?

Tough-Guy/Lickspittle Chris Christie goes Trump. Bootlicker Christie gets back in the limelight. Some conservatives do not approve of the Brown-noser Governor’s turn around. Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman is ashamed of Ass-kiss Christie. In fact, many think Christie being Trump’s minion is pretty despicable and think this stooge demonstrates everything bad said about the Gop is being proven true. If the GOP lines up behind Trump, it doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously anymore. The Republican Party’s implosion over Donald Trump’s candidacy has arrived. David Frum tweets the cave-in. Some just want to live the lie, and will end up taking the lie all the way to the voting booth. Will that matter in November?

Who knows, maybe some conservatives won’t fall in line behind Trump. Maybe they will come up with a couple super-lame schemes, have those fail, then will fall in line. Maybe they could just win the election, and figure out all of the morals and philosophy later.  

David continues on his series “Meet a Superdelegate”. Today: Jaime Harrison.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 26, 2016

David Waldman thanks you all for your trust and support given to him, KITM and payment systems such as recurrency.us, which has kept this show going over the years. Recurrency is no more, but it has been replaced with two new ways to donate, Patreon, and Paypal. Please check them out!

Sitting state court judge Henry William Saad follows many other dumber than dumb airline travelers carrying loaded guns into airports. A Jail guard unsuccessfully resolved the intricacies of his new shirt/holster at Gander Mountain. 

Ted Cruz seems a tiny bit less inhuman after dropping his objection to the Senate moving forward on aid for Flint MI lead poisoning victims

Information is coming out on the latest mass shooter in Kansas. Turns out, people saw red flags in advance.

Greg Dworkin is still snowed out of Skype and KITM, but has suggestions of articles you might be interested in: Conservatives are turning out in droves to vote for Donald Trump because Donald Trump best represents them, even as he badly represents conservatism. The party is getting what they asked for and deserve.

The more experts study Bernie Sanders’ health plan, the more they have to praise and criticize - mostly criticize.

Irving Texas’ reigning warlords attempt to block Syrian refugees.

A Yelp employee fired for “violation of conduct” (complaining about Yelp) speaks to the media.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 24, 2016

David Waldman maybe would have decided on who to vote for in the upcoming Virginia primaries by now, if he didn’t have to produce great KITMs every day.

Trump is the big winner in Nevada, as God tosses him another victoryGreg Dworkin and David ponder what in the world is happening. Were Trump voters there all along, and it just took Donald Trump to show us this

In a success story for the primary process, Bernie Sanders’ campaign inspires/forces Hillary Clinton to re-support the “public option’ for national health care.

For even more on the health care issue, the Nevada results and delegate math heading into Super Tuesday, visit today’s Abbreviated Pundit Round-up!

Joan McCarter reports that Mitch McConnell agrees with the House Freedom Caucus crazies, and Justice Samuel Alito agrees with Mitch McConnell on avoiding agreement with Barack Obama ever, especially on approving Supreme Court nominees. Idaho Militia gut-shoots a 12 year old girl, and turns the incident into a fund-raising drive.

Tennessee finds out that as people carry guns more often, more people get shot. A Tennessee council member introduces a resolution to ask God not to smite the county over same-sex marriage. A same-sex spouse in Tennessee eventually becomes able to change her name, then she is hit in the head by a ricocheted bullet

Here is how Obama gives a victory speech vs. how Trump gives a victory speech.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 23, 2016

David Waldman says Happy Birthday to his wife! Be sure to RSVP so he knows how many pieces to cut the cake.

It’s almost Super Tuesday, the Amok Time for poll-watchers, and Greg Dworkin will not disappoint those wanting polling and analysis today. But first there is Nevada, which isn’t a primary, it’s caucuses, but not as confusing as Colorado.

Bernie Sanders is swimming against the tide, with a tsunami coming. Greg sends his condolences in advance. Will single women be the key to Democratic success?

Donald Trump is doing well. Is this as yuge as he can get? Or is his ceiling the classy, vaulted kind? For instance, how is he getting so many of Cruz’ evangelicals? Is it the authoritarianism, stupid? Or are there many, many reasons why Trump just can’t? Anyway, the Republican race is down to the final three, and maybe another guy, but that’s all. If the race comes down to Rubio vs. Trump, GOP voters can tell us what they think it means to be American. Ted Cruz finally found out who was lying in his campaign. 

David devotes a big chunk of the show describing how to get to the superdelegate area of the Democratic National Convention. (It ends up being near by Carnegie Hall) Want to know more about this and everything else? Follow @sfpelosi

The Flint Michigan water disaster is unusual only in its severity. Lead-tainted water has had a long history in the U.S. The Natural Resources Defense Council finds safety of drinking water in U.S. cities is at risk. ‘Black Sludge’ pours out of Texas town’s faucets days after FBI arrests nearly every city official.

That time an extended vacancy led Antonin Scalia to suggest a 60-day limit on the confirmation process.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 22, 2016

David Waldman’s name in these posts has always linked to recurrency.us, to assist in your donations for KITM. Recurrency has shuttered, and while your donations are appreciated, we now have to go and get a PO box or something and will keep you posted.

Greg Dworkin reports on SC and NV, prognosticates about the future: Hillary wins by not losing. (And by winning.) Is it time for Bernie supporters to get in line? Nevada is solidifying the realities of the primary season, and is tightening the focus on the election as well. 

Any SCOTUS justice this President or the next nominates will be better than Scalia

Will the iPhone encryption debate move to Congress?

David brings us some clarifications regarding Heller vs. District of Columbia. Bushmaster Firearms seeks dismissal of the lawsuit over the Newtown shooting.

Kalamazoo Uber driver shoots and kills 6 people between taking fares, not triggering racial, religious or Uber red flags preceding this. 

David returns to the discussion of Bernie Sanders fundraising — a party can be supported in many ways, even if not agreed upon in all ways.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 19, 2016

David Waldman proudly announces that audio level problems have been finally completely eliminated! Oh, look at the audio complaints roll in…

Today is Philosophy Friday! KITM tackles Progressive political existentialism. Why are we all here? What makes movements exist?  Actions? Intentions? Effort? Fervor? Poetry? Prose? Infrastructure? Ideas? Leaders? Coalitions? Policy? Politics? David ponders them all today.

Greg Dworkin rides to the defense of wonks. Why Left-of-Center wonks are skeptical of Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ plans are thin on details, but his campaign is ok with that. Should Sanders’ doubters be casting stones? The economist that vouched for Bernie is voting for Hillary

Here comes South Carolina and Nevada! Cruz, Carson, and Rubio were going to visit conservative voters, Rubio took a look around and quietly slipped away. If too many South Carolina voters vote for Trump, it could clash with South Carolina’s Self-Image

How Democratic is Bernie Sanders? David looks into what that means, what it could mean for a Sanders presidency, the Democratic Party, and what it takes to make a political difference.

David reports updates to the case of the guy that hoped his gun would help him being old and out-numbered in fist fights.

The CEO of Zenefits told a prospective employee not to take his job offer — and his reasoning is less than brilliant. Update: He remains less than brilliant.

Jeb!’s Gun! has more personality than he does.

A Canadian Island opens its arms to Trump refugees.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 18, 2016

David Waldman wants to thank us, the listeners, for our support. We don’t just make it happen, we make positive change fulfilling, and fun. To that end, most of today’s KITM is devoted to addressing your questions and input, as we all continue to do this great thing!

But first, Greg Dworkin brings us the big picture aided by new polls and analysis: Donald Trump outperforms with the 'moderate establishment' voters (who aren't really moderate) Super Tuesday states have Hillary Clinton leading in 10 out of 12, and Bernie Sanders is doing pretty good in Vermont. Nobody is sure what is coming up in Nevada and how much a factor the Latino vote will be. Trump is still doing great in South Carolina, probably no matter what he says.

Is Bernie Sanders arithmetic sound? Democratic economists have doubts.  

David reads listener mail, and talks about finding progressive coalitions in many surprising places in the Daily Kos community, including the Evangelical and Christian communities.  

Michigan creates a RoboCop, this time to enforce unemployment insurance, but with similarly bad results.

In the US, white people are killing themselves rather than be poor.

Let’s remember the good old days when people would take the time to craft a porn title they could take pride in.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 17, 2016

OK, all you David Waldman and KITM fans reading this right now, those about to tap the link above to become better informed and entertained 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year: Get up off your wallets and put some money down. It’s time. Pay for what you are consuming. It is the honor system, but you know it’s the right thing to do.

Is this country about to elect someone who is not into anal? (His wife doesn’t even poop.) Donald Trump opens up about his life in the trenches.  

Jeb! Gun! America!

David discusses the second amendment, and how the death of Justice Scalia not only puts the Supreme Court’s stance on guns into question, but shows that who is “right” or “wrong” on the constitution in the US depends on 5 votes.

Armando discusses irksome textualists and originalists, especially Scalia, and specifically "District of Columbia v. Heller”.

Would Antonin Scalia be here today if he hadn’t fallen asleep in a gun-free zone? There are just so many things we do not know.

Joan McCarter looks into the Scalia mystery, following the clues right to the top. Maybe Scalia’s replacement could be the first non-Abrahamic Supreme? Republican judicial obstruction isn’t new, but it could be broken for the Supreme Court. Chuck Schumer may go nuclear to get the process moving. Chuck Grassley thinks that maybe Obama just might have a constitutional point there.

The FBI would like Apple products easier to hack.

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Kagro in the Morning - February 16, 2016

David Waldman’s levels are on point. What other podcaster say that? 

Greg Dworkin continues to pick through the wreckage of the the latest Republican Debate, finding few survivors. Gop voters continue to not care, (except liking winners better than losers) as Donald Trump maintains his lead. Trump still might go third party. With his brother’s help, Jeb! now has about 50% support — at his own rallies. Trump is now coming for W.

Hillary Clinton maintains her lead as well, and Clinton and Trump lead into Virginia.

Antonin Scalia, passing away without proper strategic consideration, has caused political factions and journalists to quickly throw out what they can to write and rewrite history. David reveals all of the jigging and poking behind that pure applesauce being ladled out. Meanwhile, as pundits will tell you, this Supreme Court vacancy could help Clinton and Cruz, could cost Republicans their Senate majority, could be a big Gop mistake, could give Obama an advantage, could help and hurt conservatives, and will favor liberals no matter what.

Hey, take Grandma someplace other than Denny’s next time she visits.

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