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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 29, 2016

David Waldman presents a special bonus show for you February lovers, before we start March.

Did Greg Dworkin bring polls? Is this Tuesday Super? South Carolina’s exit polls give an idea of Hillary Clinton’s strengths and strategies for Tuesday, and against Donald Trump. What Hillary Clinton’s massive win among...

Feb 26, 2016

David Waldman thanks you all for your trust and support given to him, KITM and payment systems such as, which has kept this show going over the years. Recurrency is no more, but it has been replaced with two new ways to donate, Patreon, and Paypal. Please check them out!

Sitting state court judge Henry...

Feb 24, 2016

David Waldman maybe would have decided on who to vote for in the upcoming Virginia primaries by now, if he didn’t have to produce great KITMs every day.

Trump is the big winner in Nevada, as God tosses him another victoryGreg Dworkin and David ponder what in the world is happening. Were Trump voters there all along,...

Feb 23, 2016

David Waldman says Happy Birthday to his wife! Be sure to RSVP so he knows how many pieces to cut the cake.

It’s almost Super Tuesday, the Amok Time for poll-watchers, and Greg Dworkin will not disappoint those wanting polling and analysis today. But first there is Nevada, which isn’t a primary, it’s caucuses,...