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Kagro in the Morning

May 20, 2022

David Waldman empties Pocket for our KITM Friday News blow-out Special. Stock up now for the weekend!

You heard it here first, and because you did, you will hear it everywhere this weekend. The GQP in Colorado want a phony-bologna state electoral college to give them a chance of ever winning again.

House Republican...

May 19, 2022

King of KITM, Local President David Waldman asks: What's next for Madison Cawthorn after his primary loss? Also: Who cares? Mads is certain to be forgotten much more quickly by Republicans than Democrats, for whom he’ll be a wistful memory like Aaron Schock, who may have a few things in common with Cawthorn, but

May 18, 2022

How will Madison Cawthorn ever go back to his North Carolina cocaine orgy life after two years rubbing elbows in DC? Who cares, he’s going. Chuck Edwards, whoever he is, gave Mads the key bump he wasn’t hoping for last night. David Waldman and Greg Dworkin drop off the takeaways on Tuesday’s primary...

May 17, 2022

Today, David Waldman announces that Joan McCarter is moving! No, not from Tuesdays on KITM, but from Idaho, where her family has lived for generations, to reunite with kith and kin in Oregon. Also, it might be a good time for her to leave Idaho, away from the far-right extremists taking over the GQP and the state....