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Weird news of the day: Jeb Bush declares himself Hispanic. Armando comments, lauds Brian Beutler's Civil War trolling, and rounds up Iran, RFRA and the latest Senate race polling stories. A survey of weekend GunFAIL: an accidental shooting during Easter services; a man claiming he was defending himself against a robbery accidentally shoots his neighbor; a WI man with a UT permit shoots at cops in TN (and lives to tell the tale). Greg's round-up in absentia: new national issues polling; Pence's problems a primaries preview; Gop's "insane logic" and "emerging war platform" on Iran. An (unfulfilled) request for Chicago mayoral coverage. Even kindly, old Warren Buffet is squeezing blood from poor turnips in the trailer parks. And the exciting conclusion of "Dark Leviathan," or LibertarianFAIL.

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