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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin wouldn’t appear in competing live podcasts for probably any amount of cash — Team KITM all the way! (Also —  Go Blue!)

Yogi, smarter than the average bear, knew to not mess with good-girl Abby, so she proudly returned to doorbell duty today.

NBC news running the Donald Trump disinfomercial tonight to make some money. Who knows what Donald hopes to get out of it. Trump’s polling hasn’t recovered from the last debate. He sure could use some money however, so perhaps it will be more of a telethon.

For once, Facebook and Twitter knew better than to fall for Russian/Qanon propaganda.

COVID-19 is death and the White House is doubling down on it. If you’re giving out coronavirus on Halloween and Thanksgiving, it just might save you a lot on your Christmas gift shopping. A Sweet 16 party in New York was made unforgettable for at least the 37 infected and the 270 in quarantine. The real parties are being thrown by insiders that knew than with White House lamebrains in charge, it was time to sell short. The Biden campaign cancelled Kamala Harris’s travel through Sunday after her communications director tested positive. Meanwhile, Donald Trump personally breathed on each person in Air Force One. Commercial aircraft are pretty safe already, with a heap of HEPA, but could be made even more safe by countering your air gasper with theirs.

Trump's lack of honesty on Covid  EVERYTHING hangs over his reelection bid. By the way, Barron and Melania Trump are infected, so If no one has told them yet: Get well!

November 3rd is weeks away! Joe Biden is not out of the woods yet, slipping to… a double digit lead. Iiiiffff Joe Biden wins, the fight doesn’t end. 64 elected prosecutors, including 10 state AGs, pledged not to criminalize abortion even if the Trump Supreme Court guts or overturns Roe v. Wade.

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