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The show went on without Greg Dworkin this morning, but... Ha! April Fool! He was totally on the show. Ha! April Fool again! No, he wasn't! With that out of the way, we actually did get a laugh out of yesterday's conservative freak-out over the Google doodle, and then immediately stopped laughing to get somewhat up-to-date on what's (not) happening in Congress, where they are in the budget & appropriations process, etc. Armando joined in for a round-up of stories including the controversy over a proposed $20 million bonus to the CEO of American Airlines, which is still in bankruptcy, the Jeff Sachs op-ed in the NYT complaining that Obama isn't doing the things he's doing, and new Pew polling on immigration. In the second hour, Gideon joined in for some discussion and Q&A covering everything from Senate voting procedure (on Bernie Sanders' amendment opposing chained CPI), to the threat of a filibuster against gun policy legislation, to Democratic prospects in the 2014 elections. Lastly, we read through Meteor Blades' write-up of the controversy over nominations to the Mississippi Board of Public Health, which has apparently caught the attention of the Reddit community. Always good news to see people sitting up and taking notice!

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