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Kagro in the Morning - April 1, 2015

Indiana's RFRA still tops the news. O'Reilly's Buenos Aires cameraman says he didn't get or need rescuing. Right wing Twitter kook gets in some domestic abuse trouble, but hey, it's just drugs. Greg Dworkin rounds up Indiana and wider, culture war news, plus one Vox explainer with which Armando takes exception. And a Gop fishing expedition for Obamacare horror stories comes up empty, and ends up revealing that opposition is pretty much all tribal. Joan McCarter likewise weighed in on both Indiana and Arkansas, including the looming gay wedding pizza shortage. In breaking net neutrality news: a Koch-backed astroturf campaign spoofs e-mail addresses in opposition to the FCC's new rules. In other breaking news: young people like sex, even if Republican. David Dayen spots a bombshell in Barney Frank's new book, and it implicates all the people in all the things.

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