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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 10, 2018

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You’ve come to the right place today. As dogs around the world brace themselves to be wagged like never before, you need David Waldman and Armando to provide you with the foundation to understand and question today’s events. And, when the missiles and Attorneys General are being fired, you can come back to Daily Kos for LIVE coverage and analysis fully prepared!

Michael Cohen is under investigation for bank fraud, wire fraud, campaign finance violations… and taxi medallions. Also, Michael Cohen is the Jared of the Trump business world. He’s the King Kong of coffee boys, Trump’s connection to the RNC, porno blondes, Russia, etc., etc. Therefore, the FBI knew it had to clear a higher-than-normal bar. Somebody still might screw this up, but it won’t be Robert Mueller. Even Kellyanne Conway’s husband shot down Donald’s attorney–client privilege defense.

To preserve our constitution and protect our country, Republicans plan to deliver a mighty pout to counter any of Donald Trump plans to pull a trigger, any trigger today. Even so, Donald will pull some trigger today.

Tom Bossert shows his strategic expertise by selecting the best possible day ever to quit.

Barack and Michelle Obama won’t be attending Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s upcoming wedding at Windsor Castle on May 19, so now I don’t see much reason to go.