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Hump day! Always good news for David Waldman, because he has Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter to give him a hand up. Good news for all of us, as today there is a very big hump to ascend:

Claire Grady, pesky obstacle of Donald Trump, retires to spend more time with her family. No wait—that’s Greg Dworkin, and he’s retiring to spend more time with us! More details to come.

Meanwhile, House Republicans are directly intervening in the House Oversight Committee's efforts to investigate prescription drug prices. Donald Trump is turning the Fed into a reality show, and Mitch McConnell is letting it happen.

Who is the most dangerous man in DC? Is it Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s newest puppet-master? Is it Stephen Miller, white nationalist and chaos agent? Is it Stephen Miller’s arch nemesis, Jared Kushner? Or is it Jared Kushner’s arch nemeses, the tea party Republicans? Or maybe William Barr, moving attention and resources into battle against the deep state? Nah, it’s our nitwit 4th grader in chief, wondering why Mt. Vernon wasn’t named Mt. Washington, destroyer of all he touches, unless he thinks he can steal it. When can we go back to ignoring him? Maybe after the election? Right now, voters prefer the white guy whose name they recognize, especially if he can beat Trump. Social media and cable news might not reflect where the vote will go, and Israel’s election and Brexit show the awful places votes can possibly go.

In Europe dozens of women have married ISIS fighters, and could be tried for war crimes, but now have children who are citizens in their countries, creating many other complications.

Back in the US, the Feds bust a $1.2 billion health-care fraud scheme peddling orthopedic braces to senior citizens via foreign call centers. Devin Nunes’ Cow and the the Fresno Bee fight Devin Nunes SLAPP suit… something about a yacht, cocaine and prostitutes.

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