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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 11, 2018

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David Waldman speeds up an already fast news day by turning on the KITM microphone at 9:05. Somehow he got even more news to fit into the remaining time:

Paul Ryan, perennial coward, collaborator and failure makes his getaway.

Wow what a f***ing mess! Greg Dworkin explains how this steaming pile of presidency got deposited on our doorstep. Donald Dopey Fool Trump telegraphs his punches the modern way, via Twitter. Bombing Syria will make planning easier, by eliminating those boring options. Trump is also trying to figure out how to fire Robert Mueller, or Rod Rosenstein, or Jeff Sessions, or maybe Michael Cohen retroactively. The Senate could protect these people, but meh.

Comey’s back, baby. James Comey thought he knew better than everyone else, now he needs to prove his worth.

Young Americans are turning out pretty smart, and could teach the rest of us some things.

Joan McCarter tells us of the jockeying happening behind the scenes leading up to the Paul Ryan ouster. Trump tried to double-cross his own tax bill with a package of rescissions, but that’s probably going nowhere. Republicans are more likely to help him screw the poor, which will help them feel better about the $1 Trillion dollar hole they dug. They’ll also promise to go on a diet, for a week.

The CEO of Sinclair Broadcasting apologized to his staff for forcing them to talk to normal people during their fake news production time.

The New York Times “unearthed” thousands of ISIS internal documents which they then published, but aren’t those documents really plundered historical documents?

Do you like authoritarians and yearn for more subjugation in your life? KITM listener Mark Hogue suggests taking the authoritarian psychological profile test to find out.