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We began the show by catching up with the day's #GunFAIL news, running down the Capitol Hill headlines and noting the insanity of the spin surrounding the Mitch McConnell taping incident. The rest of the show was a hodge-podge of media clippings, including: a look at whether or not the President can or should relieve Ed DeMarco as acting head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency; new revelations about the extent and official knowledge of standardized test cheating under Michelle Rhee; the relative value of a watered-down gun bill, and; the NYT's editorial view of the President's budget. Continuing the grab-bag approach, we read and discussed Mike Konczal's, "How an anti-rentier agenda might bring liberals, conservatives together" and Andrew O'Hehir's "Colonial Williamsburg: Where the Tea Party gets schooled."

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