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Kagro in the Morning - April 13, 2015

Is there a gun in every story covered in today's podcast? Well, not quite. There's one about vaccines. But other than that, yes! Looks like we've pushed another GunFAIL story into national headlines again, this time courtesy of a bizarre privatization/privilege/corruption angle. We discuss the shooting in Tulsa, OK of Eric Harris, by a "reserve deputy" who says he mistook his own gun for a taser. What is a "reserve deputy?" Is that a new thing? Does everyone have them? Should there even be any such thing? They're breaking records (of sorts) for the use of beanbag shotgun rounds... in SD. Gun enthusiast's normal arguments turned upside-down to argue that TSA is a waste & loaded guns should be allowed on airliners. A man commits suicide at the Capitol. If amateurs take selfies, that's gross. Though, if reporters do stand-up reports there, that's news. And an anti-vax mom changes her mind, after all 7 of her kids get whooping cough.

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