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Kagro in the Morning - April 13, 2016

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David Waldman brings us the political, slightly removed from political, skirting the realm of the political, etc. news of today, but none of that horse race stuff.

Greg Dworkin calls in with the serious and respectful horse race stuff. What does Bernie Sanders need to win? Is a contested Democratic convention the way to go? The super-delegate debate continues. The reforms of today, may need to be reformed back tomorrow. Keep your eyes on the prize

Jeff Merkley becomes the first Senator to endorse Bernie Sanders.

Tom Hayden, bonefide lefty, used to support Bernie but then he changed his mind.

The Senate and House just aren’t interested in doing anything for the nation, and Joan McCarter has a bunch of stories to illuminate that:

Still no votes on the Supreme Court vacancy. A deadlocked Supreme Court could make the 2016 election even more chaotic. Chuck Grassley met with the nominee, but that doesn’t mean he plans to do any more than that. “Supreme Court Justice Mike Lee” is just one good reason to get the Senate back to Democrats. 

Primaries are now showing the voting problems coming to all of us in November.

The Yargle-bargle revolution begins in Colorado with people who own matches but no rule books or calculators.

It is now the point in the process for Donald Trump to blame his failures on his enemies.

The federal judge overseeing Dennis Hastert's hush money case will consider lies by Hastert at his sentencing.

Bowing to enormous pressure from the public, David finally addresses the the Clinton/de Blasio “CP Time” joke incident, declaring it “dumb”.

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