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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 13, 2021

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It has been days now since David Waldman received his second vaccine shot and yet he still doesn’t feel bad at all! (He feels a bit ripped off, to be honest.) He still has a chance though, and we here all hope he feels lousy soon. 

Nothing marks the end of a pandemic like people getting back out and shooting each other, and themselves. Did your gun shoot your neighbor? Your child? Maybe it gave you a bullet, right in the bread aisle. Anyway you look at it, it’s what the Founders and the Heller Court wanted. Anyway you look at it, the AR-15 is more than a gun or a pistol or a rifle. It’s much more.

Governor Bill Lee assures that Tennesseans will have an easier time killing each other than voting him out of office. Bullets or ballots, all will get his thoughts and prayers.

The officer who killed Daunte Wright, and mistook her gun for a taser, realized that she was about a year overdue on her retirement.

Johnson & Johnson vaccinations were paused after rare clotting cases emerge. How rare? 6 clots in about 7 million doses. Is this an instance of an overabundance of caution? Shouldn’t states be able to decide? Is this a job for scientists? Or, at least someone that understands numbers? Perhaps more Republicans still need to be infected before the need for vaccinations is realized.

Donald Trump was his usual whiney bitch self at the RNC, but his schtick just doesn’t wow them like it used to. The next morning Rick Scott slipped Donald one of John Boehner’s old ashtrays and sent him back out to the golf course. Matt Gaetz, who?

Yes, “dynamic scoring” is the method Trump uses to win in golf. It is also the exact same approach Republicans used to work out Trickle Down economics, ever since the Reagan administration. Joan McCarter explains how Joe Biden’s budget reverses years of deficit peacockery and brings an end to austerity. Joan and David continue to puzzle over confused nudnik, Joe Manchin, a guy way out of his depth, clinging to Republican talking points to explain why he’s throwing sand into the gears of progress his party and the American people are striving for. Nobody can explain Kyrsten Sinema.

Will Smith and Apple Studios are moving their money out of Georgia. Republicans guess it is because they hadn’t punished businesses enough. It’s about time for Rudy Giuliani to take the fall.

John Cornyn literally takes a page from Politico to blame Joe Biden for not being Trumpesque.

Is the next hurdle for Democrats the Congressional Budget Office director? No, or maybe yes.