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Still reading this? Great! There is a good chance you haven’t been vaporized yet! So what better time than Korean War II to catch a brand new pre-recorded KITM as David Waldman scoots his family off to an undisclosed location.

Donald Trump seems like he’s on vacation, but he’s hard at work making new crazy enemies and opportunistic friends. The Koch Brothers find their chance to move their troops into position.

If Republicans are so shackled to partisanship that they’ll follow Trump anywhere, maybe they’ll also elect a progressive millennial woman if she puts an (R) next to her name?

An Alabama Senator appointed by disgraced ex-governor Robert Bentley might be the next to lose his job. David sees similarities to the case of former Senator Roland Burris, appointed by disgraced ex-governor Rod Blagojevich. Burris thought he was a Senator and all, but In fact, he was not, and could not be unless he was administered the oath of office. This January, Oregon Democratic Rep. Kurt Schrader was elected, but could not serve until he was sworn in. Hey! The Senate could have confirmed Merrick Garland using that logic! Oh well.

A law professor comes out of retirement to save democracy.


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