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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 15, 2021

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Happy Tax Day! (Traditional) David Waldman starts off Thursday with a lightning round list of Republicans being Republicans: In Florida, Matt Gaetz’ former colleagues want to check out some high school genitalia.  Gaetz’ former classmates will tell you Matt hasn’t changed a bit since high school… maybe even junior high. Kristi Noem will make undocumented immigrants feel about as unwanted as Native Americans in her state. The Senate passed an Anti-Asian Hate bill 92-6, with six Republicans preferring to hate Asians. Pat McCrory, former North Carolina governor, enters his primary as an “outsider”. Virginia Gop Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase contests state election results before the election. MT Greene out-Trumps everyone by challenging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a wrestling match television debate on pay per view. Everyone, including actual Republicans, would give Donald Trump a state funeral, if he’d just let them.

Greg Dworkin was under his seasonal bout of laryngitis today, but powered through. Abby wanted to step in. However, although fluent in several languages including dalmation, Abby’s english remains “a little rough”…

Greg does not have Covid, and has been fully vaccinated, although that is of course no guarantee. It is close to a guarantee, though —  0.008% of cases, jeez! That’s still enough to freak people out, and more than enough to get a conspiracy theory or two started. The Johnson & Johnson pause was intended to get the facts straight before moving forward, but how long will that take, and how many more conspiracies will be weaved in that time? All the facts in the world won’t convince some people, and we all know who those people are.

Democrats want to take the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices, as the Founding Fathers intended. For about a hundred years, Supreme Court Justices rode circuit, boldly dispensing justice wherever they went. Let’s bring that tradition back, too.

Americans believe Democrats are the ones to trust, in just about everything. Voters approve of infrastructure, especially when it’s their infrastructure, and the people who can afford it are paying for it. Chris Christie suggests that Republicans try belligerence and name calling to win back voters. The stupid choice has been a winning bet for them historically. Joe Manchin just wants to meet them halfway.

Joe Biden picked his own path out of Afghanistan, but how did he come to that decision? Does the Military pitch the commander in chief on their favorite ideas and advocate loudly for them? Hmmm, sometimes. But actually it is a multi-part equation. Military advice is but a single variable to consider.