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There was almost unbearable tension this weekend, watching the minutes tick by, waiting to see if today is the day we would become a stronger, bigger, better nation than ever before. Thank you Melania. Donald’s egg roll sucked. Korean War II is still coming, by the way.

David Waldman, always remaining in character, brings us week 13 of The Presidential Apprentice

Greg Dworkin rounds up this weekend’s resistance. Tax marchers marched in over a dozen cities. Republicans go to town halls to hate on Trump. Four takeaways from the recent town halls. Trump followers aren’t changing, but Trump voters do evolve. The Republican party would like you to give Donald a few more chances, as they take themselves hostage. Here are five hurdles to avoiding a government shutdown.

Corporate America is uniting on climate change, but not on Trump’s side.

Like Donald P. Trump, Paul Manafort has deep ties to Russia, and wants to get some with China.

Did historians miss the rise of deplorables? China did not plan on two crazy nit-wits.


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