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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 2, 2018

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It’s Easter Monday and David Waldman may or may not be off rolling an egg somewhere, but he’s certainly unavailable for a “live” show. But, before he left, he made sure our metaphorical basket was filled with fresh pre-recorded goodies:

Donald Trump runs the country like he did his businesses, from the seat of his big fat pants. Trump’s infrastructure speech covered the totality of his knowledge with all of the depth that he is capable. Daniel Dale kept sane by annotating the idiocy minute-by-minute.

The Scott Pruitt scandals continue to grow, and grow and grow. And if there is one thing Donald Trump doesn’t want to see, it’s someone swinging around a bigger scandal than his.

To ensure future scandals, the office that vets Trump appointees would not pass most vetting.

Roger Stone’s, Donald Trump’s, and Nigel Farage’s pal Ted Malloch was picked up at the Logan airport in Boston, and has something for his new pal Robert Mueller.