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Another April 1 come and gone, reminding us that some jokes just aren’t that funny.

David Waldman brings us a post April Fools KITM, much funnier and more informative than any whoopee cushion:

Sad news, losers. If you want some of that beautiful Republican healthcare, Donald Trump says you need to elect him first. It will be the world’s greatest healthcare as the result of the Republican Party being “The Party of Healthcare.” Similar tactical planning is being brought to bear in the military’s closing of the US southern border.

The Christchurch suspect is shown to have financial links with the Austrian far-right in evidence of the global white power movement becoming established.

Donald Trump slipped 25 individuals past US security, according to Elijah Cummings. People like Cummings should watch their mouths, according to Sarah Sanders. If you think Sarah could be misinterpreted, let Jeanine Pirro shout-explain it all to you. David and guest Armando review the nine White House officials of interest in the Democratic security clearance probe, as well as the law, politics and ethics of our LOL YOLO nothing matters government. Is the solution standing up for something because it matters? Or, because it matters so much, some pragmatic strategy is needed? Who knows? David and Armando try to figure out the Pelosi-Schumer plan.

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