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David Waldman has one subject to cover, and a lot to say about it. Greg Dworkin helps pore over the current data, including the latest from New York and Connecticut.

6.65 million workers filed for unemployment last week… although that was a week ago.

You think you have problems? Sad! Donald can’t believe people won’t leave him alone for a minute with all of their sickness and dying. Democrats always just want to blame Trump, Trump, Trump! Republicans, on the other hand, evenhandedly spread the blame over anyone other than them. Anyway, it is difficult to take pandemic advice from anybody with that much blood on their hands... Why did so many expect a guy that bankrupted casinos to know how betting works?

Maybe Hope Hicks can steam Trump’s wrinkles away. Jared Kushner put that MBA of his to work by cutting overhead and personnel. The White House cut costs on ventilator maintenance last summer, and invested millions in marketing brand new ventilators overseas. Essentials, such as golf carts, will of course be maintained.

Meanwhile, the hospital truthers infection is reaching epidemic proportions. Never underestimate how badly people can and will react to finding out they’re wrong.

Governor Brian Kemp was briefed on this “coronavirus” only yesterday and discovered many disturbing facts. OAN will finally be removed by the White House Correspondents Association emergency bullshit quarantine. Fox News watchers still don’t know what is going on.

Be assured, the truth is in the timeline, and it will always be there. People will keep finding out the facts.  

Republicans are happy they had safeguards in place to keep voting from breaking out all over. Think of the havoc that could spread by November! Joe Biden should run on the public’s newfound interest in science and facts, with an emphasis on climate change.

Back over in the Coronavirus Craft Corner we create quick and easy disposable protective masks. Will they protect you? Maybe. Will they protect others? Probably!

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