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Kagro in the Morning - April 20, 2016

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David Waldman wonders why you all have to be so binary? To assist in healing the nation, David summons the entire KITM A-Team today:

Greg Dworkin, and Patton Oswalt, and John Hodgman call New York and the whole rest of the primary selection process for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. New York ended up being as important as they consider themselves to be, although many weren’t allowed to be as important as they wanted to be, which is not fraud or disenfranchisement, by the way. Also, as usual, it wasn’t the acreage, it was the votes that counted. Greg sorted out the relevant from the merely interesting New York exit polling, and promises a lot more to come in next couple of days.

Armando declared today is the day that Greg was the most incredibly, fundamentally, egregiously, wrong. Armando also did not like this article at all. Armando and David vow to delve further into the questions of exit polls, voter support, voter suppression, and the drivers of open and closed primaries. 

Joan McCarter joins the discussion of what makes fair representation, and how to improve it all, but first tackles the philosophical question of whether Congress even exists at this time. The House Freedom Caucus will graciously allow Speaker Ryan to have some spending votes. Joan also wants to emphasize that the future of the Supreme Court should be foremost in voter’s minds this election, along with getting rid of Chuck Grassley somehow. 

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