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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return today to help us beat back the pandemic of stupid. It was getting so nice outside too!

Each day we learn more about how COVD-19 destroys people, and destroys society, but also how to fight it, and to grow beyond it someday. More evidence in the spread of coronavirus on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, and France aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle points to the value in detecting and following asymptomatic spreading.

The fight continues. Donald Trump was forced to take his MAGA rallies into the White House for a month or so, but they’re back on the road again, as moron armies head out of the rural red into the urban blue for their opportunity to become human smallpox blankets and own the libs. Healthcare workers now become human shields. Trump wins!—as thousands more die—but for Donald, at least they’re angry, armed and clutching Confederate flags.

Trump would never blame those fine people, because as everyone knows, China did it… And, the WHO, the FBI, CNN and Mitt. And... the USA.

Maybe these aren’t the most solidly calculated plans to win over the electorate for 2020. It won’t be 2016 this year. All of the states are now the battleground.Trump retains his iron grip on second place

Federal pirates attempted to plunder Massachusetts hospitals for medical equipment, and hijack them all into the Kushner national booty.

Choose between being 6 feet apart or 6 feet under!

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