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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 20, 2021

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It’s the 50th of 420! Happy! ...uh, where were we?

David Waldman delivers sad news:

Ted Nugent has contracted COVID-19, and as his, and our luck, would have it, continues to survive. Ted Nugent and Donald Trump somehow  both recovered to see another bigoted dawn. If only Ted would have chosen to suck exclusively American guns and bullets, he might not have this problem now. As for Covid, an ounce of prevention might be worth a pound of cure, but Ben Franklin doesn’t work in government anymore.

A life that truly mattered ended. Walter “Fritz” Mondale, old-school, Democratic, public servant, mensch and Vice President, died at 93. Mondale might have seemed old-fashioned, but he modernized the Vice-Presidency, and not only reformed the filibuster, he was ready to do it again.

Senators caught the car they were chasing, as the Parliamentarian gives them a couple more chances at reconciliation… but now what are they going to do with it? David and Joan McCarter ask “What would Robert Byrd do?”, but Senator Byrd never had to work with people like this. President Biden offers what Americans want and America needs, if any Gop are interested in that sort of thing. Weak-links Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema crave some attention and are looking in all the wrong places. Mitch McConnell has some candy in the back of his van for them. Democrats are expected to settle for... not enough.

Nancy Pelosi is having a hard time teaming investigators and instigators to look into the January 6 insurrection. Joe Biden will need something like Lyndon Johnson’s Executive Order 11365, which established the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders — now a best-selling book