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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 24, 2013

Had to start off with another rather startling gun story today, this one the Whitesboro, TX gun instructor who decided that since he didn't see anybody around, he could just start teaching his outdoor concealed carry permit class without a backstop of any kind. But, oops! A guy fishing nearby got shot! Then, into the weeds on budget procedure, as three years of Republican bleating for a Senate budget is met by... a Senate budget. Which is in turn met by... filibustering the motion to go to conference with the House on that budget. More on Republican backlash against sequestration cuts that make them uncomfortable. An explainer of why Harry Reid often switches his votes "for strategic reason," but then nothing "strategic" ever seems to happen. Finally, a return to that crazy story line about the collapse of the academic underpinning of the global austerity movement.