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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 24, 2019

It’s Wednesday and David Waldman takes us into the weekend! Well, not right away—all good things take time and patience. And who better to increment with, than KITM Wednesday guests Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter?

Donald Trump, who is not a patient guy, entered emergency tweet mode to declare that if one co-equal branch of government threatens him, he’ll get 5 out of 9 of the other co-equal branch to rescue him.

Democrats are nervously checking consultants and polls to determine if the proper percentage of people are on fire to warrant bringing out the fire hose. In fact, Megan McArdle-bargle not withstanding, even some Republicans are feeling the breeze from the Overton window at this point. Indeed, Laurence Tribe has found himself braving impeachment talk.

The Supreme Court is almost set to throw the electoral college for 2024, but have to pick between Ivanka or Don Jr. Republicans need to fix the election early to get ahead of the huge demographic shifts toward Democrats. Russians were happy to help fix 2016, and will be ready in 2020. That’s why Trump doesn’t want to hear about Russian election hacking, let alone discourage it. Mitch McConnell is in deep with Russia too. Impeaching Trump now is the only solution to having a totalitarian US. France almost merged with Britain in 1940, so things can change that fast.