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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 25, 2019

Today is the day Joe Biden runs for President! Again! Feel the JoementumDavid Waldman does... he really does... It’s just that there are so many out there to be elated about! (The only bad thing about having 20 Democratic candidates is eventually hearing Donald Trump brag about beating 19 of them.) Biden is the front runner—over Democrats, and over Trump, perhaps because it’s still an old white guy world. On the other hand, other old white guy Bernie Sanders finds that there are a lot of women and minorities out there too.

Joe has wide support over many demographics though, especially young voters who just might be thinking of Onion Joe rather than Uncle Joe. Both Joes could run into future problems. And, Barack Obama feels, uhm, favorable about Joe and would give him a positive employment review maybe if requested.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren rolls out another well-thought plan, this time to make childbirth safer. Polls show that voters need and demand solutions like this, if only someone like Pete Buttigeig would present them.

Greg Dworkin (Happy Birthday!) reports that Trump’s weak approval wouldn’t exist at all without Fox News and Russian hackers. Donald has a lot to worry about before the election. For instance, he never locked Hillary Clinton up. Every single person he ever knew is a liar out to get him. And, people won’t quit reading the Mueller report. Here are 14 Mueller report takeaways you might have missed. (If you weren’t a KITM listener

The White House refuses to let Steven Miller testify to Congress about his immigration policy. Think of all the white power signs that could’ve be thrown during that hearing!

Mar-a-Lago is becoming the #1 Communist party destination. A phony lawyer joins the Trump 2020 grifter stampede. Bridget Kelly shakes her fist out of her jail window as Chris Christie drives past.