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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 29, 2020

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Alive? Good for you! The couple thousand that die each day of COVID-19 and coronavirus complications will remain on Donald Trump’s success side of the ledger, which has been extended to 70,000 or so, maybe a million or two, depending upon how much winning is required.

While we’re still kicking, we have some work to do with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin. Listen up.

Comparing COVID-19 deaths to flu deaths Is like comparing deadly catastrophic Apples to mild seasonal Oranges. One difference is that doctors and scientists are actually counting COVID deaths, and finding that they have been undercounting them. The burden of seasonal flu, on the other hand, is an estimate based on mathematical models... which is close enough for influenza work. It is also helpful, when you’re comparing pandemics, by specifying which pandemic that you are referring to.

We are the King of Testing at about 43rd place or so in per capita testing, but who’s counting?

The American people should see Trump’s coronavirus briefings in their entirety… uhm, to grasp that he’s an awful idiot? Well yes, thanks to the media, there might be people still out there that don’t know that. That tally is dropping, thankfully… unfortunately because of the people dropping dead that we personally know. Most victims are poor, old, and people of color, and not coincidentally, those are the same people who are getting tired of Donald Trump. For those people, Donald wants them all to understand, he feels his pain.

Meat becomes essential to the national defense of making Donald Trump sound decisive, and keeping processing plant owners off the hook they oh so deserve to be on.

Yesterday, Mike Pence represented all that is Trump, arrogant, and stupid by being the only one at the Mayo Clinic to not wear a mask. In his defense, Mike needs people to see his prissy, smug, phony, sanctimonious, venal... mask of a fawning, shallow, vacant, apparatchik flunky face to fully understand where he is coming from.

Roger Stone is, of course, still alive. At least, he continues to get himself and others in more trouble. Also, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia will determine whether Congress can hold Trump and the White House accountable on issues, including his coronavirus fiasco.