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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 3, 2018

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Donald Trump avoided firing Scott Pruitt, Robert Mueller or The Easter Bunny yesterday, or maybe it just didn’t occur to him. Either way, David Waldman and Armando had so much to talk about on the first two that they had no time to address the Bunny scandals:

Scott Pruitt would have been fired in any other administration, but this isn’t any other administration, so he’ll have to work that much harder. So, Pruitt went against the White House to raise the pay of two close aides. He treated a security detail to trips to the Rose Bowl, Disneyland and a University of Kentucky basketball game. The EPA was looking into moving Scott from first class to private jets. All of this moved Donald Trump and John Kelly to assure Pruitt that “We have your back”, so that’s it for him.

So, George Papadopoulos walks into a bar... and it’s funny already! Rod Rosenstein authorized the Justice Department to investigate the Trump campaign collusion with the Russian government. Robert Mueller didn’t have to tell you as much as he did, which tells you a lot.

Yay! America finally celebrates Donald Trump’s stable genius, empowering Donald to follow his mandate to crush our enemy, Inc.

Day 3 into Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and here’s the story of the NYPD sex crimes chief donating thousands to elect Trump after seeing the Pussy Tape, and during NYPD’s investigation into Anthony Weiner’s texting.

A federal judge rules that one of many emoluments clause violation cases can go forward.

All of this is going on, and David Hogg and other young gun control activists still keep in the news, driving gun crazies… crazy.