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Orange you glad it’s Wednesday?  David Waldman sure is! As you know, Wednesday is the day David picks to jam with his pears on KITM... Like Greg Dworkin, who although he does know a little german, still finds himself unable to explain why Donald Trump wants you to believe his father wasn’t born in US. Everyone knows exactly where Trump’s hatred of wind turbines comes from, however.

Greg reminds us that Republicans adopt policies the public hates. That could be helpful  for Democrats in 2020, except for the Republicans that don’t care, and still vote. Tight races, like Wisconsin’s supreme court race will take more work.

Joe Biden, experienced or out of touch, comforting or discomforting, is running or not running for President, but definitely has everyone’s attention right now.

Students are putting stickers on their ID and cellphones permitting their pictures to be shared if they are killed by gun violence.

Joan McCarter joins Donald Trump in welcoming Trumpcare to the center of the 2020 debate. Senator Susan Collins has become concerned, and troubled. Mitch McConnell pushed Trumpcare to after the election, because he wasn’t finished destroying everything for everybody, forever. Mitch hopes to get the reactionary judge assembly line down to a few a day. What’s Chuck Schumer going to do about that?

North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes got indicted by the Feds, and the net is taking a few more fish with it, including Gop Rep. Mark Walker.

A Chinese woman missed her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to directly spy on a US President by being so incredibly inept and obvious that she finally earned the suspicion of someone at Mar-a-Lago.

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