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Kagro in the Morning - April 30, 2015

Greg Dworkin joins us, with Baltimore still dominating the headlines, and Baltimore mom still being debated. Sanders is in, facing long odds as expected, but along with O'Malley, adding to the bigger picture. Back to the subject of mass protest, a cop reportedly tells a NYC crowd "If we could arrest all of you we might." What if they could? What if we kept giving police the tools to get closer and closer to that? Or what if we gave them tools that let them track or even punish protesters they can't physically arrest? Aren't we doing that right now? Do we even know who's tracking us at this point? Mike Lee says he can do something about it. But can he? Can anyone? Hell, the Senate couldn't even really manage to curtail their own powers (as with the zombie "secret hold"). How can they expect to curtail executive power that claims it's unrestrainable? Should we be worried that it hasn't been that long since George Bush claimed it, and now his brother's running?

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