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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 30, 2020

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Yes, it’s still April, and it’s still Thursday, and it’s still David Waldman and Greg Dworkin for another day of helping us figure things out:

Great job everybody! Jared Kushner assures us that our first 60 thousand or so COVID-19 deaths have all contributed to Donald Trump’s fantastic success, and you can bet there’ll be a lot more where that came from! Not many Americans share Jared’s positive attitude. Mr. Trump has taken notice of our notable absence of clapping, and his attorneys will be in touch soon

Virtually no one is dumb enough to trust Donald Trump about coronavirus anymore, but who do you trust? A lot finally trust experts. Few trust social media. (But... if you share CDC posts on Facebook, is that “crossing the streams”?) It also doesn’t help that every place has different rules.

Don’t look to your flu experiences. Flu cases were counted and modeled differently than COVID-19, and if they were counted the same the differences would be even more striking.

How many whacks does the ‘rona get to kill each of us? No one knows yet, but South Korea finds it might be less than they thought. People who compare coronavirus related deaths to car accidents will be able to just add the two together.

Those of you who often spend time naked, getting peed on, or witnessing bare-bottom farting, will understand what many out there still might not—the importance of masks...  Which brings us back to Kagro’s Coronavirus Craft Corner, and the latest in “sock-based” masks. You sure won’t find those at CVS or Walgreens, which is also where you soon will not be able to find expanded free coronavirus testing.

Meanwhile in DC, the House kind of gives up doing things until someone can come up with a better idea. Republicans so far have had vengeance upon 52 Wisconsin voters.

For our economy, happy days are here again! Vultures haven’t been this engorged in 45 years. It’s a grifters feast as well. One guy made one tweet and picked up a nice $69 million for ventilators, and he didn’t even have to deliver them.