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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 4, 2018

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It’s KITM’s Too Much News Wednesday! David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter team up today to bring you too much info about too many things before you too become overwhelmed by this afternoon’s news:

The Dow falls off a cliff, as China and the US square off. China targets its tariffs on Trump counties, as we find out which country is prepared to take the most pain. Our country is the one with democracy and elections coming up however, and Scott Walker is first to show his pain threshold is mighty low, as he quickly and cravenly takes out half of Wisconsin in response to the first of WI’s Blue Wave. The Wisconsin Gop yellow streak of anti-Pelosi ads seems to be a failure, and so might their tried-and-true practice of Fake News, once the Alt-Right media bubble pops. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai makes propaganda local. Some of the Right might be convincible, but many should be just left alone.

Who will be the biggest winner/loser of Presidential Apprentice?  It’s hard to beat Jared and Ivanka’s inside advantage as well as their innate, congenital sentiment that everyone can be bought, but you still can’t knock Scott Pruitt’s drive and determination to take it way down to the next level.

Of course none of these can hold a candle to the Donald. Robert Mueller wants to present Trump with the reward he earned, but Donald needs to meet him halfway. Broadway producer Donald Trump missed lessons on the National Guard’s efficacy as a police force, therefore he wants to retry the experiment on the Mexico border.

Up on Capitol Hill, Republican desire to starve poor people is holding up the farm bill, and now they might have to back up to revote against the the $1.3 Trillion spending bill they just voted for. Oh yeah, and then they have to balance the budget.