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Everything on the show today has a Greg Dworkin component to it. First, an extended version of Greg's regular segment, during which we were joined by Monte Frank of Team 26, for a recap of their nationally covered advocacy on gun responsibility legislation, an update on their activities and a look at what's next. Then, the story of the surprising phone call Greg got from Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, regarding my reading and discussion of his latest article, "What The NRA's 'School Shield' Would Cost." And just to be sure we didn't leave it unmentioned that Johnston's an accomplished and celebrated journalist, Armando called in to fill in some background, and I made sure to let him know about the whole Pulitzer Prize situation. From there, I tried my best to properly differentiate between my commentary and the remaining text of article, but hey, it's hard to restrain yourself when you're the only voice in the room. But Armando's working behind the scenes to change that, and with a little luck, next week we'll be able to feature the man himself, so you'll be more able to tell who's saying what!

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