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David Waldman is on the road today, but today’s ALL-NEW, pre-recorded KITM veers off the beaten path to attend to topics we need to attend to, other than how awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, awful the President is.

Donald Trump is really good at getting stuff done or whatever, although usually it’s too illegal to allow to continue, as again was the case when Trump’s order to open arctic waters to oil drilling was unlawful. The secret is, however, that ANWR’s milkshake cup might be empty—the real reservoir Donald is protecting is the vast reserves of lobbyist money threatened. The big scandal that the Mueller report reveals is how much of it we ever allowed to be legal.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is taking the media heat and focusing it into fundraising energy. Not a new idea, not a bad idea, but if you have a problem you can contact her on Twitter.

Homeland Security disbands its domestic terror intelligence unit. Domestic terror is global nowadays.

Intelligence reports for law enforcement treat Antifa Anti-fascists as equivalent to the “anti-anti-fascists”… or fascists.

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