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David Waldman wishes us all a happy Canadian Easter Monday, regardless of nationality or religion, except for Orthodox Christians, who have boiled their eggs way too soon.

Greg Dworkin hauls in two rafts of stories, giving us a lot to talk about.

Are we safe from the pandemic yet? No, but we are much safer. Will herd immunity stop the disease? No, but we in the herd will be much more secure. Yes, we still have a COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, there is progress being made, a lot of progress. Both of those are true. Of course, the most important question is —  which one of us is wrong? Are we wrong or them? Maybe we all are? No, just because there is enough blame to go around, it doesn’t mean we each get half. For instance, has Florida’s Covid response been mediocre, or was Ron DeSantis just incapable of making it as bad as he could have

David has been studying the numbers for months and can tell you precisely the number of mistakes that have been made.

Georgia knew enough to try to hide its true intentions in its new voting law, but times have changed, and their usual institutional support now wants to cancel them. Republicans nationally are becoming worthless when it comes to getting anything done for Americans. Therefore, it’s Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, Coca Cola, Jill Biden’s stockings, and whatever stunt their cornballs, new and old, can come up with today.

Donald Trump bilked Trumpers out of millions, because that’s what they’re there for. Then, in order to pay back those saps, he needed new suckers and a bigger scam. Then it’s down the road, another day, another name, another scam.

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