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Kagro in the Morning - April 6, 2016

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David Waldman rides his wave of KITMentum into Wednesday’s show:

Antonin Scalia law school changes its acronym from ASSOL to ASLS—so there, jokers. KITM stands only for good things.

Greg Dworkin is so into the game it takes him a while to get back into the race: The robust turnout in Wisconsin doesn’t mean disenfranchisement was still not happening. How does Wisconsin bring the contenders closer to the target? Obama is approvable! Democrats are favorable! Republicans, not so much. Ted Cruz stinks so much, he needs surrogates to even talk to fellow senators. How unpopular is Donald Trump? Well…  Just don’t get in the way of Trump’s thugs.

Bad reviews still come in for Bernie Sanders’ New York Daily News interview. He has defenders as well.

Clinton and Sanders differ on their effect on down-ballot races. 

Listen to the podcast to hear Skype crash and Greg & David attempt to play over-the-radio Charades!

Joan McCarter brings us the latest DC news: Paul Ryan really didn’t want the House Speaker job, can he really not want himself into the presidency? He continues to fail his way through the Speaker job, by promising to hurt more people harder.

Chuck Grassley attacks Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on the Senate floor. A Florida Woman attacks Governor Rick Scott at a Starbucks.

Where’s the next Flint Water Crisis? Anywhere.


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