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In times like these, it pays to have a predictable daily routine to decrease anxiety and increase self confidence and trust in the future. To that end, as Donald Trump continues as a sociopathic moron ruining the lives of those he hasn’t yet killed, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin will remain the voices of reason and intelligence that you expect, weekday mornings:

Do you think Elizabeth II would accept an apology and take us back under her wing? Boris Johnson goes under protective custody.

Captain Brett Crozier takes another one for his team.

Greg assures us that the scope of Donald Trump’s unpreparedness is finally beginning to sink in. For those not opposed to scientific expertise, this is not shocking news. For those opposed to scientific expertise, there will be plenty more shocks to come.

When Donald sold his soul, you just know he got four times what it was worth. Networks should stop Donald’s afternoon MAGA rallies before he makes Mike Pence chug hydroxychloroquine live, or forces Anthony Fauci and Peter Navarro into a gladiator fight. Sweden decides Trump’s cure is worse than the disease. Michael Cohen had a million reasons to push Hydroxychloroquine.

Voters and Sweden agree, Trump sucks like the biggest Hoover in history.

We weren’t prepared for this two months ago, and we aren’t now. This might be the greatest public health crisis in a century, but it won’t take that long for the next one. The Hill wonders how Dems plan to spin this.

Yep, Bernie Sanders does have some good ideas.

Meanwhile, as people start falling between the cracks, states begin to form unions just as Trump foments civil war, and leads US pirates and highjackers to provoke a few international wars as well.

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