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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 6, 2021

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David Waldman handcrafts yet another small-batch KITM, lovingly prepared once daily in our World Headquarters’ kitchen. Joan McCarter joins us with an exquisite water ganache, and her usual political acumen. 

President Joe Biden keeps moving his own goalposts…  And he’s still scoring!  Now, all US adults will be eligible for the Covid vaccine on April 19. Saying Boris Johnson is “smarter than Trump” is like saying Boris has “a better hairstyle” than Donald, but at least Boris is getting his pandemic act together with the implementation of a national rapid COVID-19 testing program. Brexit, however, has wiped out the UK’s fine chocolate industry, leaving only spotted dick standing for the pride of Great Britain.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte recently signed a law against mask mandates. A mask with a shot might have kept him from coming down with Covid yesterday. People who don’t believe in masks or vaccines do believe in miracles, and suggest Greg try one of those.

Alcee Hastings, crusading civil rights lawyer, the first Black federal judge in Florida and dean of Florida’s U.S. congressional delegation died at 84.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated her support for party unity by donating to vulnerable House Democrats, much to their horror, as this money will be pointed to as proof of radical left… or right wing ties by their adversaries who would have lied about them anyhow. Want to show your support at a real grassroots level? And, have a fun and interesting time doing it? Support Hillary Kwiatek’s City Council campaign and hear behind the scenes stories of big stakes TV game shows! Tonight at 7PM Eastern! Or, if that’s not your style, you can check out the special election in TX-6, with a twelve crackpot Republican “jungle primary”, led by a Korean-American known for being anti-Asian.

Surprise! President Joe is making America... well, great again. Biden is doing it from infrastructure and inequality on up. Republicans, of course want nothing to do with that. Mitch McConnell promises to burn bridges with any person or corporation that would support America. Chuck Schumer is becoming increasingly fine with Republican nonparticipation, now that he and the Senate parliamentarian are seeing eye to eye on Section 304 of the 1974 Budget Act. The Senate parliamentarian ruled Monday that Democrats can use special budgetary rules on two more pieces of legislation. David and Joan discuss what that means, and where and when it might be used.