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Kagro in the Morning - April 7, 2016

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David Waldman is fully qualified to be President, let’s see any of the others try a daily podcast!

Donald Trump predicts the size of his 1yr. old daughter’s breasts, demonstrating both his sense of humor and judgement.

Greg Dworkin predicts the size of the Gop nomination apocalypse. Ted Cruz learns how much New Yorkers value him. Cruz found votes, but has a real hard time finding friends. Some of the most liberal congressional districts in the country will play an outsize role in determining Donald Trump’s success.

How many bridges are feeling the Bern today? People are still talking about Bernie Sanders’ visit to the NY Daily News. Now they are talking about Sanders saying Clinton was not “qualified” to be president. Listen to today’s show to see just how close David predicts what Sanders’ response would be.

Armando maintains his history of 0 auto accidents while calling into KITM. Armando suggests going to the original sources before making judgements.  

If you are frustrated by the national news, focus on the international: Will the Pirate Party take Iceland, for instance?

Governor Rick Snyder may face racketeering charges over the Flint Water Crisis.

Donald Trump will use mafia tactics to cut the national debt. Where does Trump find his ideas

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