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You probably know Ian Reifowitz as the author of The Tribalization of Politics: How Rush Limbaugh's Race-Baiting Rhetoric on the Obama Presidency Paved the Way for Trump (A fine Easter basket stuffer, by the way), nevertheless, Ian’s tackled plenty of the big questions as Daily Kos Contributing Editor and was itching to debut his famous Michael Dukakis impression, so David Waldman welcomed him back for KITM’s first half!

Joe Biden is more than an “Anti-Trump” already, however he needs to raise his game to Obama levels if he wants the presidency.

Infected by coronavirus, Democracy passed away in Wisconsin early this morning, as tens of thousands now stand in line in only 5 of the normal 180 locations to pay their respects.

The truth dies in Cleveland.

The British invented english, and still know how to double-talk it better than anyone. Boris Johnson feels great, or may be dead at this very moment. Likewise, China is finally under control or perhaps, eh... you know.

Tokyo declares a month long state of emergency, and Paris bans outdoor workouts.

Joan McCarter remains virus-free, but is becoming sick of the news coming out of the Capitol. Trump isn’t interested in small businesses, and holds the lifeline as they sink beneath the waves. Nancy Pelosi is creating a special committee to address precisely this incompetence. Chuck Schumer places a Warren staffer in control of the Congressional Oversight Commission. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff calls for proposals for a COVID-19 commission to investigate the present disaster.

Stephanie Grisham couldn’t handle being Donald’s Sean Spicer, let alone Sara Sanders, so she’s back to being Melania’s Hope Hicks.

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