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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 7, 2021

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David Waldman spent the night tracing the roots of his family tree until he slipped and fell down a genealogy rabbit hole. He discovered that similar names might go with dissimilar people, but sometimes that just doesn’t matter.

David has wanted the Senate filibuster dead for years. Now that it’s either the filibuster or democracy, others are catching up. The Senate parliamentarian will let Democrats bypass the filibuster on two bills… which two? Why not the two after those, too? Wouldn’t that be just as unprecedented?

The former guy’s former housing official, past and present wedding planner, Lynne Patton, was fined and barred from government work for Hatch Act violations, which probably broke her heart. You got to hope this leads to bigger things, though.

Greg Dworkin describes how the pandemic is still driving the news.

President Joe is giving us all a shot at getting a vaccine by the middle of this month. That sure doesn’t mean that everyone plans to take them, of course. For example, you can’t catch Covid if you get raptured first. Nearly half of new US virus infections are in just 5 states, as youth sports are shaken by the latest British invasion: COVID-19 variants. The good news about lockdowns is that most people really didn’t need to hang out together that much anyway.

Tearing down Dr. Anthony Fauci is essential to the MAGA myth. So is never admitting mistakes. That is why the Republican Party isn’t rebranding. Instead, they will purge their party of doubters, purge the country of voters, purge their neighborhoods of Black people, and so on, until reality matches their fantasies. Georgia is just like Colorado, if you believe baseball is just like voting. Mitch McConnell tells his money to shut up and get in his pocket.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden plans to go big with infrastructure to give everyone a lot to like and a little to disagree with. Chuck Schumer is thinking big, and if Republicans want to join him, that’s fine, too.