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Congress returns to DC, which surely will put filibuster issues back on the table by the end of the week. Greg Dworkin calls in to discuss the passage of Connecticut's new gun policy legislation, the state of play on the federal level, and new Pew polling on the subject. We note the passing of Margaret Thatcher, which somehow caught Fox News flat-footed, but then again, we don't have a great deal to say about it, either. Cuban-American Republicans in Congress are apparently demanding an investigation into Beyonce and Jay-Z's vacation, so that seems super important. Right? Armando joined in to discuss the absurdity of the freak-out, and the inconsistencies of Cuba policy. Setting up an issue for the future, we noted some of the more disturbing issues raised this weekend in the NYT article "A Secret Deal on Drones, Sealed in Blood." We also read through an interesting discussion between Joe Nocera and Dan Baum on the subject of guns that brings up a lot of great points, but which ultimately degenerates into the same mess as pretty much every other discussion of the topic, thus proving that erudition is no savior here. Finally, a little listener mail raising the always important point that painting with too broad a brush causes serious problems, in this case, when dealing with the topic of corporations and corporate behavior. Listener, Daily Kos community member and business owner Arliss Bunny reminds us that it's corporate actions, not the corporate form, that create problems, and that Democrats would do well to remember that and make allies of the vast majority of business owners who are good folks, and who benefit as business owners from liberal public policy.

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