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Kagro in the Morning - April 8, 2015

A murder charge in the Walter Scott shooting is today's most-discussed news. Gee, America seems to have a lot. Also this AM: Tom Coburn carries the "states' rights" ball even further out of bounds & declares a touchdown. Greg Dworkin joins the police shootings discussion, rounds up Rand Paul news, notes the newest political assaults on the poor, and takes us through the fascinating politics of medical certification. More on "states' rights": conservatives love devolution, but only when power comes to rest with them. And they'll lie to get it done, if necessary. Joan McCarter breaks down Rand Paul's campaign launch nonsense and mansplaining, and Ted Cruz's interest in creating a constitutional crisis. Joan also offers her thoughts on the Scott shooting, and recommends John Oliver's interview of Edward Snowden for our edification.

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