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Kagro in the Morning - April 8, 2016

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David Waldman reminds us that it is April. Even though we are a little more than a week into it, you can still start off your month with a monthly subscription to KITM via PayPal, or Patreon!

Speaking of money and politics — Without visitors and no one to hold him back, David lets loose with a full-on governmental process show! Find out how the insiders get it done by being inside, rank and file, and part of the infrastructure: It looks like Donald Trump’s weak operation is one of those big reasons he’s not going to get the Nom. Trump takes a break to try to fix that, by hiring insiders with experience. Bernie Sanders takes steps to rebuild his bridges. Bill burns Hillary Clinton’s bridges. Cruz may not need friends if he has delegates. Could Republican delegates be bought? Can Democratic super-delegates be bought? Yes and yes (sorta). David tells you how, and why that’s OK, or at least expected.

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