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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 8, 2021

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Who is it? Dave? Dave’s not here, man...

Who? Oh, David Waldman? Yeah, he and Greg Dworkin are over on the couch contemplating the ceiling and national politics:

Who would have guessed that the US War on Drugs spawning generations of poverty, crime, and corruption throughout Latin America might eventually lead to problems for us?

Joe Biden’s going to take our guns! Well, your homemade guns, and the ones you point at innocent people, or yourself. Those are the guns that are killing too many every day.

Joe’s going to take our jobs! Well, only those of former Trump lackeys, and if you are one, you know you kind of did that to yourself.

Service is Joe Biden’s specialty, because if he isn’t there helping the dickens out of you, the dicks just might return. Joe apparently knows what he’s doing, as fewer Republicans call themselves “Republican” and some of them are calling themselves “Biden Republicans” now.

Joe Manchin devoted an op-ed to saying he won’t weaken the filibuster, but seems unsure of what he means by “weaken” or even “filibuster”. He probably should have come to the meetings.

Republicans have no idea on what “infrastructure” means, so who would expect them to be read up on Modern Monetary Theory?

A story in Cardinal & Pine (Not to be confused with the Long Leaf Pine Slate, although both seem pretty on-the-ball) describes a Republican federal and state dragnet of 44 North Carolina counties in search of voter fraud. It went as well as you’d expect

A Capitol Riot defendant flips to help prosecutors against the Proud Boys. Expect more of that as things get real.

Matt Gaetz wanted the security of a “blanket” pardon, because he might have not wanted to shock his boss with all the details of his offenses.