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Kagro in the Morning

Apr 9, 2018

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David Waldman brings us Week 64 of The Presidential Apprentice, but he’d rather not. He’d also rather not bring us the news of dads shooting their sons, news of when the dad mistakes the son for a burglar stealing the family car at night. When will we learn to respect America’s snowflake culture?

KITM is recognized for recognizing Scott Pruitt’s megalomaniacal paranoid corruption.

Greg Dworkin warns us that November may be closer than we think, but that might be OK, considering it’s just as soon for Republicans. Older, educated white voters have become older and wiser, while new smart young people register every day. Farmers that voted Trump are beginning to pray he’s the lying sack they’ve been hearing about, at least on his tariff threats. The Gop are certain he is that sack, but have given up on predicting on when Trump might say the truth. The Trump Hotel handbook prohibits Trumpian behavior. Trump’s online store collects sales tax from only 2 states.  Trump’s base isn’t motivated by anger and fear like it used to be, and now even more voters are angered by and fear himSome Republicans fear Trump’s impeachment... but, think of the ratings boost for Apprentice

Donald Trump found his greatest election successes in places with the least chance of contradicting his BS

Donald Trump had his second fire in Trump Tower, this time ending the life of a lovely man.  Trump knew adding sprinklers would cut into his bottom line, on the other hand he was aware that in new buildings it helps raise the asking price. Jared Kushner has sudden incognito assistance on paying off his Mark of the Beast on 5th Ave. What is Mohammed bin Salman up to, anyhow?

Internet trolling might be the new up-and-coming career choice for those starting in politics, if robots weren’t already taking all of the jobs. Christopher Wylie describes the hard choices in our future.

Secret (but predictable) use of census info helped send Japanese Americans to internment camps in WWII.

Kept warm by only a thin layer of pixelation, an actress from episodes of The Cosby Show protested outside Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial.